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Bill “Bong” Schuette

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David Leyton MUST be our next attorney general.


While Daniel Grow is a nice guy and well-versed in our cause, he has about as much of a chance to be attorney general as I do of starring in a porno movie with Jenna Jameson!






p.s. I respect your opinion timbuckto (sp) - but, this race - our rights - and our law is far too important...far too important

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...........The days of Regan’s “Just Say No!” are over, and we need men who will face the reality of our state’s needs from an open-minded economic point of view. We no longer have time to sit around philosophize over the hatred of hippies who have long ago cut their hair. We need men who will do their homework and realize that marijuana is not the witch’s potion it has been made out to be. It has many legitimate uses and could help bring economic relief to our bankrupt state as well as physical relief to many who suffer medical disabilities.



J.C. Trowt


The Chronicle



quite right and that was info about our enemy I did not know. I wish I had known it when I was speaking with his aide.

I coulda had some fun with it.

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