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Question About Legal.

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**Question About Being Legal (I forgot to included the word "being" in the topic)



The state cashed my check about 50 days ago. So with a copy of the cashed check with the date it was posted on it, my doctors recomendation, and a copy of my application, I should be legal according to the law, Right?


A friend of mine told me that I also have to have a reciept from the post office that I mailed eveything in? Is that true? Im very confused :unsure:

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Did you send, mail, it in certified? That is the receipt they are talking about from the post office. You should have a copy or the original of your paperwork signed by the doctor, your copy of the certified mailing, a copy of your canceled check and as long as you didn't get a denial letter before your twenty days from the time the state received your paperwork, not twenty days from the day they cashed your check, your golden. Nothing is in the MMA about twenty days after they cash your check, it's all about when they received your paperwork, which is why you need a copy of the certified mailing.

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I did not mail it certifed. I mail it with delivery conformation but not certifed mail. I believe I still have the green piece of paper that they gave me with the tracking #. Would that work if I tracked it online and then printed it up?



you should be good with that. I think I can safely say that if they received and cashed your check that they have received your application. You should be good to go.

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