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Prop 19, Do You Think It Will Pass?


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Yes I think it is likely to pass. Have you ever been to CA? Pretty high cost of living. Much like MI there will be case law to be settled once the law goes into effect. My belief is you had better sill have a medical card in CA for a few years after it passes. Not that I care if you go to CA but just some stuff to consider.

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What are the chances you think prop 19 will pass? From what i've heard it has a pretty solid following. I've also heard they recently decriminalized marijuana in California but that could be BS.


If it passes im done with Michigan.


The 'law' in Cal has just been signed in that makes 1oz or less an 'infraction' which does NOT carry a criminal record with it as opposed to a 'misdemeanor' which does mandate a criminal record.


Now you pay a 'ticket' of $100 and move on.


With all the money the LEO groups are putting into the 'anti-Prop 19 campaign I'd say it's a 50/50 chance.


But if it does pass it means we as Americans have entered a stage of 'sanity' as it regards the War on Drugs.


After the elections if Prop 19 DOES pass the 'court' system there will be a zoo for months to come... but THAT is just fine.


That's the way America is supposed to work... it's a little thing called 'freedom'.

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Pretty sure this will be a close race, we also have next year with California Cannabis Hemp & Health Initiative 2012


The California Cannabis Hemp & Health Initiative 2012 is a better initiative for the People.





I'll take whatever I can get WHILE I can get it.


Come on Prop 19!

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