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Question About A Veg Tent


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I just purchased a 32" x 32" x 63" grow tent that I will be using for a veg room. I guess the question that I have is would a 250 MH light be good enough to veg clones and seedlings in without having to put all that extra venting in? I just want to keep it half open for fresh air with a circulating fan only. I figure that a 250 MH can put out up to 33,000 lumens, and that should get the babies grow to 16" pretty fast.


What you all think? :))

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A T5 fixture might run cooler and spread more light in the space given...

I think that for the money spent on a T5 Vs. the 250 MH system, that the HID would put out more useable light than the T5. I have always used the T5 for clones and seedlings, plus they only emit 8,000 lumens Vs. 33,000 lumens that the 250Mh puts out. Or maybe I am wrong, and you have a different viewpoint on this. I would love to see a T5 grow as fast as the HID when it comes to veging, but I only see the T5 being worthy of clones and seedlings. :unsure:

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