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Atlanta Compassion Club


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Atlanta Compassion Club


We had another Open Public Meeting Yesterday

October 19th , 2010 ...


We had a very nice turnout for our Meeting ...

We had 4 new member sign up ... :thumbsu:


We had Free Coffee and one of our Members was kind

enough to bring us some home-made cookies for our Meeting ...


We talked about several things and answered everyones

Questions the best we could ...


We have alot of new growers , So after the meeting we

went to a private location where we helped show

members how to take clones and make clones ....

All clones were given away FREE to our Members that

were in need ....


Plus Jane show one of our Members how to trim a Harvest Plant ...


We had Lots of Great Fellowship and Everyone loved Tarzan's Black Queen ...


Everyone received several free samples and some to take Home ... :thumbsu:

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So glad to hear about the success of your meeting.. :-)


Your service is so needed in this area ..


Blessings to all MM Patients and Caregivers!!


Thanks Annie ...


I'm really Prowd of our Group and our Members ...


We 're trying the Best we can to be an Asset to

our Community and to each other ...


It's not easy starting a Good Compassion Group up

here in Northern Michigan ...


Must don't want to get involved or put the

effort into helping others ...


It just takes time ..... Takes time getting others to

Trust each other and to see it's NOT About the Money ...

Its about Compassion and helping each other be Successful ....


I really had a Good time showing others how to make

Clones and getting them not to be affraid to doing it ...


Plus they got Free Clones ... and Free Meds .... :thumbsu:

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Sounds like a great club. When is the next public meeting?



Thanks " legalbuds1 "


Our next Meeting is Thursday - November 4th , 2010 ( 7-9 pm )

because the hall is being used for Election Day ...


Useally it's the first Tuesday of the month ,

which is for MEMBERS ONLY ...


and then the third Tuesday is a Open Public Meeting ...


If anyone wants to attent our Private Meeting is

to come earily and Sign up , It only cost $10

which is very cheap for the services we provide to our Members ...


At our Private Members Meeting , We useally have Lots of Food ,

So that No one leaves hungry ... We have Lots of Fellowship

at our Meetings , So that Members get a Chance to meet new

Friends and to get People Phone Numbers so that if anyone

has a Problem they can get helped ... :thumbsu:


My Main Goal is that anyone that attends our Meetings is

that they FEEL WELCOME and are Important to Us ... :thumbsu:


Our next Open Public Meeting is November 16th , 2010 ( 7-9 pm )


Hope to see you there ....



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