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Planet Greentrees Radio Tonight 8:00 - 930 -10 20 10

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NEW CALL IN NUMBER: (347) 326-9626


Please join us tonight for a very Special Episode of Planet GreenTrees.


It is our intent to provide a safe comfortable environment for the medical marihuana community to discuss the on going complex issues that are influencing our community.







Tonight in the studio we will have Special Guests:


The Rev Thav will be calling in again to follow up on some of the unfinished discussions from last week.

Their is always so much to talk about and we are encouraging anybody that listens to call in or post questions on the mmma so we can try to give some guidance and safety to patients and caregivers.



Also it is our intent to discuss some of the success stories of patients who have utilized cannabis to treat their debilitating condition. Also we want to celebrate some of the talents of our very unique community.

Although often forgotten, this is a radio show, and I am excited to play some music from one of our community members "FLOWERALLIANCE" AKA David Wilcox. He has recorded some songs that are available on itunes under the title "Sound of Songs"

If you are an "artist" please be advised that we would love to show off the talents of our community members on the radio show. So please feel free to submit your works, and I will try to get them on future shows.


And of course once again I feel compelled to address some of the misinformation and propaganda that is being perpetuated in the press in Oakland County and throughout the state about patients and caregivers.



We will have the usual panel of community entertainment to help add to to the discussion.


Chad and Tony form the Birmingham Compassion Club


Marihuana Rancher

Brian Vaughan







Please join us tonight for an intelligent conversation of everything that is Medical Marihuana




Michael A. Komorn

Attorney and Counselor

Law Office of Michael A. Komorn

3000 Town Center, Suite, 1800

Southfield, MI 48075

800-656-3557 (Toll Free)

248-351-2200 (Office)

248-357-2550 (Phone)

248-351-2211 (Fax)

Email: michael@komornlaw.com

Website: www.komornlaw.com

Check out our Radio show:


NEW CALL IN NUMBER: (347) 326-9626

Live Every Wednesday 8-9:30 p.m.


w/ Attorney Michael Komorn


The most relevant radio talk show for the Michigan Medical Marijuana Community. PERIOD.


If you have a medical marihuana question or comment, please email them to me, or leave them on the forum for the MMMA, and I will try to answer them live on the air.



PLANET GREENTREES Call-in Number: (347) 326-9626

Call-in Number: (347) 326-9626

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HEY I GOT IT in the browser and it doesn't cut out, I am so happy!

Oh Michael I can't access your site and can't send you any message, (pm) here.


I have 2 questions:


what happens if a pt finds their cg is irresponsible and wants to quit that cg to find a better one. the question of pt acquiring from another cg as well as pt/pt transfers is still being questioned. The pt needs meds but it's gonna take time to do the paperwork, it takes time for the forms to be processed, meanwhile what the pt do?


On the propaganda front, a UP TV station put out a story that a teen lost consciousness after using Mj. This and other stories are hurting us. That article was badly written, there wasn't enough facts, a real journalist would've asked questions, because it obviously wasn't mj unless it was laced with something, the teen may've had a health problem, or using other drugs incl alcohol.



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I wish I had someone to talk to, a lawyer right now would be good but I have to wait and I am hurting so bad, I got thrown way past left field by someone who's supposed to be compassionate. I know what hell is, it ain't someplace down below, it's right here on earth. A beautiful paradise turned into a living hell by greedy compassionless people who treat me like I have a lot of nerve to expect something, which they VOLUNTEERED to do.. Most my life, all I've known is cruelty, treating me like what I'm asking for is unreasonable. I need to be sure of the law before I do anything and it seems the law conflicts with itself. Sorry for rambling, I am hurting.



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Hey sb ..


Michael got to your questions late in the show.


You weren't ignored ..

Dear SilverBlue,


PeanutButter is right. Michael addressed both of your questions on the air. I know there were technical difficulties last night. But, he made sure to address your concerns on the air.


Dude, you were definitely not forgotten nor ignored.


Listening to the show on my computer right now and there was a big gap of nothing after the beginning.




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First of all I want to give and big shout-out and thank-you to Michael Komorn for inviting us down last night to Planet Green Trees. Everyone made my wife and I feel very comfortable and we have made some new friends and it was great to finally meet Marijuana Ranch (Ron) in person!


Again, was simply great conversation with Chad, Michael, Ron, Jay, PeanutButter and Neil from NORML.


After thoroughly enjoying ourselves down at Planet Green Trees the only damper on the whole evening was driving back home in Planet Torrential Rain Storm! LOL!


But, me and Mrs. Mizerman - or maybe we need a new screen name for her. Will MMMA allow us to have two screen names from our home computer?


Sorry to ramble.


Thanks again for a truly wonderful experience! :goodjob::goodjob::goodjob:




Mizerman :thumbsu:

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