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Lost Card?


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Hi all! Assuming one lost one's caregiver card (as one seems to do with i.d. cards no matter their importance) what would need to be done in order to acquire a new one? Would the paperwork that came with my card still work in place of my card? It's got my name, address, and i.d. number on it, and I'm about 2 months away from renewing anyhow, so I'd rather not have to request a new one right before I renew.



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As long as you have a copy of your paperwork and a copy of the check you mailed into the state of MI when you originally got your card, you should be OK with the law enforcement.


If you attend dispensaries and are worried about that, many dispensaries accept paperwork and a state-issued Michigan ID, while others require the actual hard card and a state-issued MI ID. So, it seems that you'll be OK if you don't feel like going through the process of getting a new card, which honestly probably won't even arrive in the time that you have before your renewal. (This is just a guess, based on how long it takes most people to receive their cards after they apply. The state of MI is technically about 4 months behind or something like that, based on what I've heard.)


Hope this helps :)

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