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Cannabis V Narcotic Pain Medicine

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Had it out with some guy and his wife at the pharmacy today. They were there picking up Vicodin for their 14 year old son who had broken his leg playing football. I asked how severely was the break and its a non separated fracture of the tibia the kid walked off the field.


I asked them if they had ever considered cannabis instead for pain control. You would of thought I had slapped his wife and kicked their dog they way he started yelling. "my kid ain't gonna be no drug addict and weed is addicting and leads to harder drugs".


"You skipped the weed and went right to the hard drugs" I said then I asked if they knew what kind of damage the narcotics can do, kidney and liver damage, addiction over dose, death, "won't happen with cannabis" I said. Didn't matter what i said or suggested they read, minds were made up long before I spoke with them.


I just hope Jr doesn't get hooked or OD or die by accident. Hopefully soon cannabis will get the recognition it deserves as a medicine.

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After years, and years of morphine, nuerontin, vicodins, lortabs, flexiril, I am pleased to say that I am morphine free!! Yes I still take the vicodins but that too will pass. MM saved me from a life of liver damage and disease caused by the poison pain pills! God Bless the sweet leaf!

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These folks have got it backwards, those hard drugs lead to marijuana use... That is part sarcasm and part truth.


According to the feds, crack and crank are safer than pot, hence the scheduling of those drugs... ;)


The truth comes in later after the liver, kidney, and stomach damage are done from the "safe drugs", and the only alternative left is the one that should have been used in the first place, a miraculous medicine known as cannabis.

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A few parts of this that are sad...


Prescribing pain relief when it sounds like it may not be necessary. The kid walked off the field. I'm sure he was sore as hell the next day, but Vicodin sounds like overkill for a very temporary condition.


The parents response. We're not getting the word out very effectively. How about 'Just say Know'?

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The real problem is, how do we get people like this to be more open-minded about alternative forms of medication, such as marijuana? I think it starts with everyday primary care physicians incorporating medical marijuana into their list of meds that they suggest to their patients. People will believe anything their doctors tell them to some extent, which would help to eliminate the stigma associated with marijuana.


This must have been a very frustrating conversation to have. I mean, if you think about it, vicodin and marijuana have many similarities, except one thing they don't have in common is that marijuana is not addictive, while vicodin is. It's very close-minded of these people to ignore your suggestion entirely when you were clearly just trying to offer some help for the safety of their child.

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