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A Little Enlightenment About Your Options

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Just so you know...


Hemp and hemp products are perfectly legal in the US in all 50 states including Michigan.


As long as a product is classified as hemp, it is legal to purchase and consume under US law. This is written into the 1937 Marihuana Tax Stamp Act as well as the CSA of 1971. Here's a passage.

Strictly speaking, the CSA does not make Cannabis illegal; rather, it places the

strictest controls on its production, making it illegal to grow the crop without a DEA



Which means that US farmers can't grow cannabis hemp. But the US can import it, which we do now without impunity.


Here's a link in case you have doubts. I know I certainly would without proof.


CRS Report for Congress


You will realize many benefits from consuming hemp and hemp products that you can enjoy without ever having to declare yourself or paying the state to obtain. Hemp contains the 3 omega fatty acids that your body cannot manufacture.


And it contains them in the perfect proportions to your needs and metabolism. Hemp mirrors your body's needs for nutrition.


More information to back this claim up. Look at Good Oil for Good Health


You can live on the stuff. Although it would be a very boring diet, it sustains life (read you and I) quite well. And using it as a daily part of your diet will help your skin, hair, joints and overall well being.


Hemp extracts in the form of cold pressed hemp oil are available at better CC's and head shops everywhere.


My question for you is, will you take advantage of the properties of hemp nutrition without the hassle of MMJ?


Don't get me wrong, I'm a MMJ patient. I 100% believe in the healing properties of MMJ and endorse the expansion of MJ wherever it is useful, which is just about everywhere.


But would you buy and use hemp if it were legal? Hemp has a CBD:THC ratio greater than 1, meaning you can't get high from it. It's referred to as the anti-MJ. You won't get high, but you'll gain enormously health-wise. But not for immediate pain relief. You'll still need more THC than CBD for that.


Hemp protein and hemp oil. Will you use them?

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