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A List Of Sympathetic Doctors?

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you will probably want to check out one of the clinics, and it seems there may be one or two sponsoring here?


a little searching will turn up some names for you.


if there were a list of sympathetic doctors, i would think that would be kept on the down low so they would continue to be sympathetic, and not stop helping due to being overwhelmed or stopped by their facility.


your best and quickest bet would be to check out a mmj clinic.

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Is there any info on Doctors that would already be sympathetic to patients and therefore more likely to recommend MJ? Honestly I don't wan't to even consider asking my doctor for different reasons.

If you are still looking for a doctor.. I am having doctor certifications at my clinic MSC3 (Medicinal Solutions Compassionate Care Center) located in Adrian, MI on November 7, 2010 8am to 12pm for $175. Contact me if you are interested so that I can get your appointment scheduled ;)

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