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Light Emitted From Co2 Generator....? Question...


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I have a room covered in panda plastic... i installed a Gen 2 CO2 generator, and put a metal plate above it so it wouldn't have a chance of melting the plastic, or messing with the wood, its hanging from the celieng in the middle of the room to drip CO2 down on the plants....


my question pertains to the light emitted from the pilot light with the lights off, it is creating a light glow that kinda reflects off the metal above...

Will i have any problems with the light emitted from the pilot light? is it enough to hermie any plants? anybody have a problem with the light emitted?


was thinkin about grabbing some matte black spray paint and sparying it so it doesn't reflect, but there is still a little glow from the top of the generator.

my CO2 controller, the Titan, has green lettering and a green on/ off switch glowing all the time, but there is no problem with green light... the pilot light burns blue/ orange..


any help is appreciated...

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I haven't set up any Co2 generators yet. I have fresh air being piped in to provide natural Co2. Is there any new systems out there that will provide efficient generation at a fairly decent cost? I want to set this up but wanted to be sure I knew what the latest and greates was before investing. Any comments would be appreciated.

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