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Tarzan's Banana Cake Recipe

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Tarzan's Banana Cake Recipe




4 ripe bananas, smashed

1 - cup of milk

1/3 cup melted butter ( marijuana butter )

1 cup sugar

1 egg, beaten

1 teaspoon vanilla

1 teaspoon baking soda

Pinch of salt

2 cups of Jiffy Mix or Bisquick



*****Sprinkle some Cinnamon on mix if desire and on top


Preheat the oven to 350°F (175°C). Cook approx. 45 minutes ,

Keep check w/ toothpick till golden brown



I sent this to Jiffy Company and their going

to put this in their Recipe book minus the marijuana butter ...LoL


They sent me one of their T-shirt and Thanked me ...

That was like years ago

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I Love this recipe .

So do my grandkids w/out ( marijuana butter )


I've never tried it w/ ( marijuana butter )


Please let me know how it works...


Some of my Friends put nuts in the mix also ...


I can't cause i have no teeth ...

I trade them off from the tooth fairy to buy grow-lights ... :thumbsu:

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thanks tarzan!!


are we like old ladies now?? sharing recipes :)


i'll trade you mrs. b.g.'s canna-banana bread for your banana cake recipe :)




No ....... Thank You BubbleGrower


Not Really ... Some of the BEST COOKS in the WORLD are Chief :thumbsu:


I consider myself a fairly Good Cook and if you ask Jane or Our Kids

whos food they'd rather eat ? They would say mine ... LoL


Plus you can ask anyone of my Friends that have ate my food ,

they would tell you that im a pretty good cook ...


Useally when i cook like Chili , I cook enough for a small army ...


If i would of been smart , i should of opened a restaurant ...

All my Friends tell me that .... :thumbsu:


Anyways BubbleGrower ,

I really hope things get better for you Soon :thumbsu:



Wow guys! Great recipes!






Your Welcome " Dizledot "


Like i said , I 've never tried it w/ ( marijuana butter )

So i'm sure it'll taste different ...

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