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Meds Barter For Modest Living And Grow Arrangements


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~Lets make a deal~


I'm a patient hoping to barter (free) meds in exchange for providing me with modest living arrangements (currently living in an emergency shelter), and a secure place to grow with sufficient equipment and grow supplies. I can setup a safe low-cost and quality grow. I’m hoping that I may have several 400watt HPS budding lights to contribute. I am hoping to get SSD. I currently get food stamps and medicaid, and have grown some excellent mmj. I’ve lived in a full sized school bus for about 8 yrs at a christian missionary’s farm.


I get around pretty good as long as I don't do repetitive tasks/position. I used to drive semi truck until '06 when my back (arthritis & kyphosis) started hurting too much. I’m also good with computers and would be happy to help with occasional light duty chores such as lawn mowing, snow blowing, taking the trash out, etc.


I prefer growing organically in soil, but can do hydroponics/aeroponics as well. I’m honest, considerate, intelligent and trustworthy. I enjoy growing high quality meds and helping others improve their health and wellbeing. If I was also able to grow as a caregiver for other patients, I'd like to charge $5-9/gram (for services to produce).


Buds for health and peace,


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You'd have little to no problem finding the right circumstance for you in CA with a growers skillset, geez a trimmer does well, with accomodations/food/meds etc. Will be a few more years before MI catches up. It won't be too long though, sitting at the bottom of unemployment, I gather we are going to get a nice booster shot.


Best of luck.

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Thanks all for the positive feedback, much appreciated. Currently I'm staying in southwest Michigan (Benton Harbor), but I'm very open to moving to another part of the state as the case may be. I've been told to check out other places like Denver CO and most of CA. I suppose that's an option as their economies are better and they are more settled-in to the medical marijuana laws as compared to this state.


As for staying in Michigan, I have a few primary preferences below the U.P. like:


-Grand Rapids (decent support services for the homeless and veterans as well)

-Kalamazoo/Paw Paw (I like the Zoo's musical bent)

-Ann Arbor (home of the hash bash!)

-East Lansing

-and their surrounding areas.


Here’s some secondary preferences as well:

-Muskegon (home of MAREC, Michigan Alternative and Renewable Energy Center that includes innovative business incubators. I have a promising alternative energy friendly concept)

-Mt Pleasant (home of family willing to help me with temp housing)


Grand Rapids may work out best as they have decent organizations in place to help the homeless, including a homeless vets program that I am in the process of signing up. I already know that you must have a drug/alcohol problem in order to qualify for some homeless vets programs, but they have zero tollerance (drug and alcohol testing) for drinking and using marijuana (Niles, Mi and FortWayne, Indiana for examples).


Last year I attended numerous (BCCC) Berrien County Compassion Club meetings and became familiar with some of the leadership and a few members, but I don't have transpo and my ex didn't have much time or strong desire to attend meetings regularly.

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