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***Zebo Life Genetics***


-Grow Journal-


A while back I posted a question regarding "Stem Fasciation".


It starts with this mutant Hawaiian Snow I grew out.


She is many... A unique quintuplet oddity.




A top view of the fasciated herb --- via a cutting from the top growth of "the fasciated pheno" quintuplet offspring.



Stem Fasciation

Stem Fasciation



Here is the background-


*-I grew out a Hawaiian Snow and she was/is a quintuplet, the quintuplet's are going to be harvested soon.


*- One of the quintuplet's is fasciated (stem) mutant phenotype.... <<<Really neat to see & experience>>>


*- YES, I did clone the Fasciated phenotype.


*- What will happen???


*- If I am lucky and can stabilize the trait... "WOOLLY MAMMOTH" will have been born here in Michigan.




The adult quintuplet lady...




Taffy like clone/stem of fasciated mutant.




Entire fasciated clone view.




Much to learn here...





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Was the stem damaged or did it just grow like that? I have purposely broken stems to stress train plants and they look very similar to that after they heal.



No stress damage...


It is just a freak mutant... I have found no documentation on cannabis fascaition, as far as I know she is a first.


Anyone know of another?



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3rd pic shows spider mites. id get some azamax on her. just lookin out for ya.



You are RIGHT...


I picked up some Blue Rino clippings a few weeks ago--- I was told the "SPIDER MITES" were under control, because they were an issue for this caregiver... AND GUESS WHAT.


Luckily it's early but I did spot them this weekend... YES, action needs to be taken ASAP.


Trust only goes so far don't it?


Well, my fault for not quarantining the clones from the others.... :growl:



They will be dealt with...




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I will take pics of the *LARGE HAPPY MOTHER* quintuplet showing the fasciated stem mutant later in the week.


The pheno fasciated mutant has a large stem throughout and displays the taffy like stem for nearly 3 feet.... UNTIL I clipped her top growth for the clone cutting.


***None of the other quintuplets show this trait***


No damage OR ANY stress factors early on... Just a genetic freak... "ME" think.


I hope one of the growth's which are beginning to develop from the fasciated clone could develop this trait... It is my "HOPE".... We shall see???


I will keep ya posted-



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darn! My buddy and I have been drinking Two Hearted for the last two years. It is the one beer we always return to. We started drinking it at Bell's Brewery and now buy the bottled brew. Best beer ever. I noticed a sign at Walmart that said Two Hearted was voted the #2 beer in America. We are wondering what got #1. I am also wondering if this is a marijuana related thing because the stuff does indeed compliment a good "bud".

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