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Bloomfield Township Limits Medical Marijuana Use

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Medical marijuana patients in Bloomfield Township will have to go outside the township to fill their prescriptions and have to register with the township police under the specifications of two ordinances approved by the township board Monday.


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The township has been wrestling with the medical marijuana issue for months, and had placed a moratorium on dealing with it as it weighed the impact of the state law allowing medical marijuana, which was approved by voters in 2008.


“The law is a total mess,” Township Attorney William Hampton said. “The Legislature must do something about this. It's such a poorly written law.”


For now, however, the township has determined that marijuana cannot be cultivated and no dispensaries will be allowed in the township, but patients are allowed to use marijuana in their homes. However, there can be no more than two patient users in a home and use is allowed only in residential areas.


The state law provides for “caregivers” who may have up to five patients, and they can have up to 12 plants per patient.


In addition, patients — but not caregivers — must register with the township police. That is for the safety of the patients and police, said police Capt. Steve Cook, who outlined the ordinances to the township board. Having a list of addresses of patients can prevent the township police from mistakenly raiding a place where marijuana is being used legally.


“If we get a tip on a location, I can check that it's not on my list,” Cook said. Raids are serious affairs, Cook said, with officers wearing body armor and carrying high-powered weapons. They are needed because illegal dealers often have high-powered weapons of their own.


Cook said the patient registration would be confidential. Failure to register is a misdemeanor.


Caregivers have to be registered with the state.


Other area communities have been dealt with the medical marijuana issue in different ways. Bloomfield Hills and Birmingham do note allow dispensaries, citing that it is a violation of federal law. Beverly Hills has a moratorium on the issue.


The federal government said, however, it is not interested in pursuing medical marijuana violations



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Jee Mr. Hitler, let me kindly sign my name to your list.... Psych! Why don't the police just do their job and quit worrying about this law. It's written this way for a purpose, that purpose is to afford us as citizens of this state to use MM to treat our conditions without the fear of the local swat team shooting our dogs, our family's or ourselves. Any attempt at adding people to a list must is freaking crazy. If they did their jobs, actually investigating the situations, instead of getting a judge to sign off on a warrant while he/she is being spoon fed stretched facts and assumptions, just to kick in the door of a family dwelling. Shoot first, ask questions later??? OMG< WTF Has happened to this state???

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What a joke....



I emailed:

to admin@bloomfieldtwp.org

date Mon, Nov 1, 2010 at 6:04 PM

subject Medical Marijuana Use



Hello there,


You're not going to enforce this are you? Nobody in their right mind is going to volunteer their information to you after what Sheriff Bouchard has been up to.



Doesn't the MDCH have a phone number for law enforcement to call to see if 'a suspect' is legal or not?


This law will be found unconstitutional and changed in the near future. I wouldn't waste too much time with it's enforcement.





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