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A couple days ago I had some white rhino in my grinder and after 1 spin I felt that feeling of a stem/seed. Pulled the top off and what do you know its a seed, unfortunatly one of the teeth cracked the shell right down the "seam" yet it was still in 1 piece and all attached. Generally I would toss this and move on but this was a first run of white rhino from someone local and I don't have the strain in my room on its own so I wanted to see if I could save this baby. Having just moving into a new apartment I have yet to unpack any dishes ect so to say the least this was a hail mary. I got my back heating pad, 2 paper plates, 1 piece of paper towel and the seed. Got the paper towel damp and kept my eye on it for the next 24 hours every 3-5 hours. When I germinate seeds the "normal" way (24hr soak, scuff her up, ect.) I normally don't see a taproot for 24-72 hrs pending on which beans I'm working with but wouldn't you believe at 14-16 hours this little girl had 1/8" taproot poking out ready to go. I have her in some organic soil/verc mix right now just waiting for her to show her first 2 leaves. After this all went on, assuming she follows suit sprouts up and is a lady(hopefully) could cracking and putting them in the papertowel/heat combo be the faster way to germinate or did I just get lucky with the one?


Just something to think about, thought I'd stir up a conversation, hope some people chime in and see what the decision is.


Thanks guys

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oh yeah...


RYOT Grinder 4 piece with screen



Get yourself one of thoughs...wood teeth


But more importantly it has a big open area with a stainless screen to break up bud with fingers first....check for seeds


Then run though the rosewood teeth of the grinder which brings it to even consistant fluffiness


And...sitting on your table the thing looks like a wood cube...it is a wood cube :o


Yeah, sure does suck to nick a seed....bet you wont let it happen again.... :D





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Here's Seed cracking method for old seedstock.


Use a screw-top glass jar, w/ metal lid. Punch a hole thru the lid to fit an air hose. Seal w/ silicone sealant. When dry fill jar w/ water,seeds and if possible, a few drops of DMSO. Screw on lid and attach hose to working fish pump. Leave for 24-48 hrs.

Proceed w/ normal germinating technique. Courtesy of Steve Tuck


Hope it helps......... <_<

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