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and if that doesnt pan out for you, try a compassion club. and if you aren't the c.c. type of person, feel free to make a post in this thread: http://michiganmedicalmarijuana.org/topic/21461-are-you-a-patient-in-need-of-meds/


asking for clones would be a bit off topic, but i started the thread and give you permission :) that thread gets a ton of traffic.


always a pleasure conversing with you in chat. best of luck in your venture, and i'm always here to help if ya need me.

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I get no love! :notfair:

Thats because your not that well known yet but after this post im sure you will find everything you need .


Myself and detroitdjs are good friends i use to be security and he the club dj hes a solid trustworthy guy that i vouch for so if anybody can help him hes got my seal of approval that hes a good standup guy i would provide him cuttings myself but only have flowering and immature plants none that i cant take cuttings from yet . :mellow:

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