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What are you looking for Captain?


Looking for easy to grow, decent yielding strains for organic dirt style growing. Also would be interested in quality seeds to create good mother plants.


My Sour Diesel Mother is strong and has 100% cloning success, right now i have a few 3 week old well rooted clones avilable for trade.


Sour Diesel


Jason King features the super heady and high-yielding Sour Diesel as his Favorite Bud in Issue #71 of Cannabis Culture Magazine

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Hi everyone, I don't have anything but some (guess what) seeds to trade because I am just starting out. I know they are either great white or ice. I am looking for something different. I would like to try some blue moonshine, also some free leonard. Or If you have any suggestion of something that gives a great body buzz, pain killer with a giggly happy buzz then hook me up. I am a heavy smoker and I find that a lot of the kushes just don't do the job for me so I am looking for something different and not something I see everyday in the shops. Thanks for any help>> :thumbsu:

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When my 21 days are up I'd like to obtain a few specific varieties I have either tried in the past or like the look of now. Namely; Northern Lights, Dutch Passion Orange,Dutch Passion Blueberry and Super lemon Haze. As I am just starting up, I do not have fair trade. I can help you out with gardening or other labor as a fair trade. I hope to get to my local CC this weekend or next, but I want options. Thanks.

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Looking for a few myself and would love to try several new strains and have a few to trade


I have


Purple wreck


purple kush

aghani kush/white widow


Really looking for a cut of some OGRASKAL gear any strain from his genetics


Green Crack

Blue Dream


Anything that flowers fast i am interested in...





Near Lakeside Mall would be ideal

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I got a couple Stawberry Diesel ....Healthy in rapid rooters, in perlite, in cups.


I have a perpetual so could trade a teen or two for same if you wanna flower new strain quicker !



Looking for


C99 Super silver Haze Cheese


open to others...



Be willing to meet up in Macomb County Lakeside area please.

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Greetings, my CG doesn't have internet right now so I'm help with the cyber leg work. He's having trouble locating healthy clones in the Howell/Fenton area he is just starting out and has nothing to trade yet but is fine with a reasonable donation. He is not set on any specific strains but indica dominant is prefered for height reasons (4 1/2' from tote to light is max height). Any help or leads is appreciated.

Thanks, SH

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