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My Medical Marijuana Video's

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I made these video's and wanted to share them with the community....they total about 20 minutes.....Please feel free to share them with anyone that may benefit from seeing them. They might be a good way to broach the subject with someone who you think could benefit from cannabis but are unsure of their feelings about it or they may help a friend or family member be more understanding of your choice of medication.


part 1



part 2


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Great post thank You SSP I sure hope this makes its way to News channel 3.Because Your the reason I voted to pass medical marijuana. If I knew how to positive rep You I would


You been gone awhile. No more reps unless you just want to say it for old times sake. Maybe I'm wrong, but welcome back rambozo420.:))

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I know first hand, how truly amazing this woman is. She is fighting more than one battle in her life, and a million +Reps would not even BEGIN to do her, and what she has done, especially for me, justice :) She was the first person I met here, and helped me no questions asked. I now have the honer of calling her My Friend. :wub: Thanks again Michele for all you've done, and will continue to do with this movement. You are absolutely one of a kind, and the perfect example of Compassion. :goodjob:

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Guest OxXGarfieldXxO

SSP, Michael Komorn sent me an email asking if I could place these in the new video system. Though I can, I think it would be better if the original poster put them under their name.


Do you think you could do us a favor and enter these in the video system?


I could of course, but I think it looks better coming from a member and wouldn't appear as biased coming from an admin of this site.


If you have any problems just PM me and we'll deal with any problems there as to not clutter up your thread.




As an after thought, I can even place them in the system myself then attribute them to you via the database with your permission.

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after thought
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Thank you everyone. Yes, garfield, please go ahead with my permission and place the videos where ever you think they will do the most good! I am not computer savvy like you and still walk around with a pad of paper and a pencil! LOL

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Thank you SSP for your story and your courage for sharing this, and all the hard work you have done for this community. Thank you.


Michael A. Komorn

Attorney and Counselor

Law Office of Michael A. Komorn

3000 Town Center, Suite, 1800

Southfield, MI 48075

800-656-3557 (Toll Free)

248-351-2200 (Office)

248-357-2550 (Phone)

248-351-2211 (Fax)

Email: michael@komornlaw.com

Website: www.komornlaw.com

Check out our Radio show:


NEW CALL IN NUMBER: (347) 326-9626

Live Every Wednesday 8-10:00p.m.


w/ Attorney Michael Komorn


The most relevant radio talk show for the Michigan Medical Marijuana Community. PERIOD.


If you have a medical marihuana question or comment, please email them to me, or leave them on the forum for the MMMA, and I will try to answer them live on the air.



PLANET GREENTREES Call-in Number: (347) 326-9626

Call-in Number: (347) 326-9626



Attorney Michael Komorn’ practice specializes in Medical Marihuana representation. He is a board member with the Michigan Medical Marijuana Association (MMMA), a nonprofit patient advocacy group with over 20,000 members, which advocates for medical marihuana patients, and caregiver rights. He is also an experienced defense attorney successfully representing many wrongfully accused medical marihuana patients and caregivers. He is also the founder of Greentrees of Detroit, a medical marihuana community center that offers patient certification, legal consultation, cannabis education, business development, and caregiver’s classes.

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Wow! great video , I shared with folks on my e- mail list. My mom is hungry for information like this,so that she can tell all her friends in there 70's and 80's that are non believers,

and are still in the prohibition state of mind ...Thank you!!!

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Thanks for the kind words everyone but my motives are partly selfish in nature. Despite some of my family witnessing first hand how this disease has changed my life, there are a few who are having a real hard time accepting it.


I feel the best way to fight the REFER MADNESS mentality is with facts and faces of real people who use this supposed evil devils weed! It would be great even to agree to disagree but it upsets me when people view a cannabis patient as something......less.


Our illnesses are real and the benefits we get are real. But if we want to be treated equal we have to show them respect and educate them. Show the naysayers that we are not bad or evil or druggies, that we are real everyday people who deserve dignity and respect.....not fear and imprisonment for a plant thats never even killed anyone, ever!


I do not hide the fact that I am a patient to anyone so please share the video's with whoever you think they will help! I am always available via email and I am at both of our public meetings each month, when health allows.


Remember everyone, we need as many people as we can to attend the may 25th rally at the capitol. There is still room on the MOCC bus leaving from the 12 mile and I75 area, check our website for details!

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