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American Medical Marijuana Professionals (Ammp).

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Good afternoon,


My name is Hollie Brown and I work for American Medical Marijuana Professionals (AMMP). Though we are a new company we aim to educate Michigan on the medical marijuana laws and to provide resources to the public to fully utilize the benefits and freedoms allowed to them.

We are hosting a medical marijuana expo in March 2011 at the Rock Financial Showplace â T.H.C. In Michigan Expo (treating health concerns).

We are working hard to make this a legit, professional outlet for organizations/companies to provide information and resources to the public. We welcome your input and suggestions greatly!

We plan to have guest speakers, demonstrations, classes and vendor displays. While the city of Novi will NOT allow us to medicate at our event we are working to find a facility off-site over in Wayne County â to shuttle bus attendees back and forth to. We are willing to work with these restrictions because we believe getting information out to the public in a manner that won't make them uncomfortable is more important than being able to medicate on-site. Classes topics we're planning include growing 101, the history of medical marijuana, troubleshooting your crop, open-mike ask the gro-pro, cop and doctor, medibles, harvesting, cloning, the law and more! If you are interested in speaking at our event we welcome your help!

We are trying to reach out to the medical community, different organizations and support groups to try to draw in NEW attendees for our event. We want to bring in people who need educating about medical marijuana but would definitely benefit from its use as medicine. Any help you could offer in this way would also be greatly appreciated!!!

I'm writing this as an invitation to your members to participate and/or attend our event. I hope you will come. I have attached a flyer about our event that I ask you to post and/or distribute. It has a $3.00 discount for admissions and CAN be duplicated.

Thank you in advance! Again, I welcome your input. I can be reached at 586-339-7040 and/or hollie.ammp420@gmail.com. Please also check out our website http://www.americanmedicalmarijuanaprofessionals.com.


Hollie Brown - AMMP

586-339-7040, hollie.ammp420@gmail.com

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