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Do You Support Moratoriums On Medical Marijuana Dispensaries?


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Most individual human beings have been so brainwashed that they are in support of their local governments that they observe doing these stupid immoral moves against a free people. If they see a lot of communities doing this, they figure it must be the right thing to do. (They probably don't actually read any articles or get any new information, only headlines from major news publications and broadcasts and we know what those are like!)

Just like when the right thing was to (sarcasm) physically enslave other individual human beings who don't look like you do, and now the right thing to do is to emotionally, monetarily, and behaviorally enslave others individual humans who simply disagree with their choice of medicine or recreational pursuits . That is what we get from our biased media, education system, elected and non-elected officials, and medical community who have all been usurped knowingly or not by the borg/pharm/governmental/corporate/Rockefeller/Bildeberg/Bush/Obama global rogue regime. Time to get comfy with your assimilation...



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