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Mt. Pleasant Compassion Club Meeting 12/16/10


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The Mt. Pleasant Compassion Club is meeting at 6:30pm at the Biggby Coffee located at 210 S. Mission Street in Mt. Pleasant. If you would like to learn more about Michigan's Medical Marijuana Program, please attend. This meeting is open to the public. Must be 18 or older or be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian to attend.

Be sure to visit our website http://www.mtplcc.org for more information and links to other medical marijuana related websites.


We will be having another drawing for free medicine open to cardholding patients! The only requirement to enter the drawing for free meds is a valid patient card. The medicine will not be held at the meeting site, but in a safe, alternate location.


So far we have a couple of eighths of premium grade 4-G donated for the drawing. There may be more meds donated, just waiting for confirmation.

Here is a link to a pic of 4-G http://michiganmedicalmarijuana.org/gallery/image/5256-4-g-11-2010-055jpg/


We are looking forward to seeing you there!

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A little feedback on the meeting tonight. There were only about 12 attendees but that's ok. There were new faces and familiar faces too. We had a rather casual meeting tonight and it went pretty well. The focus of the meeting tonight was the judges ruling for Compassionate Apothecary (CA) of Mt. Pleasant, the ruling was in their favor!! This is surely good news for the medical marijuana community. The document of the ruling will be posted on the Mt. Pleasant Compassion Club website tomorrow evening. We felt that it was well worth discussing considering it has an impact on the medical marijuana community in Michigan.


There was a third eighth of medicine donated by another patient towards the drawing for medicine, I am not sure of the strain though. That brought a total of three eighths of medicine donated for the drawing for free medicine open to card holding patients. We had four card holding patients enter the drawing. So all in all there were three happy winners! I am hoping for the next meeting my patients will be able to donate Dr. Atomic Blueberry Jam and Querkle to change it up a bit and have something different than the 4-G (if I can have their medicine ready in time). Either way, we are sure to have something available for the drawing at the next meeting.


Remember, we meet on the third Thursday of each month. Be sure to check our website www.mtplcc.org, our calendar here at the MMMA, or our meeting announcement post here on the MMMA forum for the confirmed day, time, and location. We hope to see you there at our next meeting.


Peace be with you all,




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I realize that the ruling is not a state wide decision; however, in my opinion, it does pose an impact on the medical marijuana community as a whole. This ruling can be used as an example in another case should the need arise. Much like the decision made in Terry's case in Kalkaska regarding the affirmative defense.


Personally, I am not for dispensaries, but I am not entirely against them either. They do offer benefits for patients. Such as giving patients an opportunity to sample different strains, try out different caregivers products, and they are also good for a temporary alternative to obtaining medicine. Whether it is due to a late harvest, crop loss, or in between caregivers.


Either way, I still believe that the ruling in the case for CA is a promising outcome.






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