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I'm Telling All My Friends

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VECTOR BUTANE - 2 CANS Price: $24.99

how long does it last you or should i ask how many hits can you get

One can is what i use to do a full extractor tube of sugar leaf i tried doing two cans thought it was a waste of time but id like to give HJ a shout out for hooking me up with mark from wine barrel in Livonia i bought a case of this butane from him at a great price !

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I buy it buy the case all the time from Mark.......I have known him for over 30 years......Funny thing is the reason Mark carries it is I asked him if he could get it for me........It comes in a "master" case of 8 cases.....He made me buy 4 of the cases from the first master case............Now hes the east coast distributor for Vector...........He always says "How much do I charge you for a case?" I tell him.......Then he tells me what he charges everyone else......Then I tell him that he wouldn't be selling it if I hadn't had him get it in the first place........We play this game every time I buy a couple cases.....:lol:..........HJ

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