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Need A Diagnosis Please


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I can't seem to find an accurate diagnosis on my own. The plants look quite content, the leaves however are beginning to yellow and form small necrotic patches that slowly are forming and taking over the entire leaf. My temps run from about 74F to 68F at night. The lights are a healthy distance away. FFOF mixed with Promix, feeding General Organic, just feed some CalMag from Botanicare at 10mls/gallon and foliar feed some Magic Green from H&G. Its mainly the newer growth. Im at my wits end here and would love some advice/direction. Thank you so much. The picture is from a more extreme damaged leaf.


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Had the same thing happen too some bubble gum. found out I was using too much cal-mag , cut it down too 5mls per gallon . but first I would flush well ,and they should come around in a week or so.

I agree I would flush and back off on the nutes as well.

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