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Flat Rock: Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Prohibited In City

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News.FLAT ROCK: Medical marijuana dispensaries prohibited in city

Published: Tuesday, December 14, 2010


FLAT ROCK — Medical marijuana dispensaries are now prohibited in the city.


On Monday, the City Council unanimously adopted a zoning ordinance amendment that prohibits land use contrary to federal, state and local laws.


City Attorney David Grunow said the amendment went before the Planning Commission and had a public hearing before coming back to the council. He was directed to draft the amendment.


“The intent of the proposed ordinance is to avoid the establishment of dispensarylike businesses for marijuana,” Grunow said in a letter to the council. “Though such dispensaries do not appear to be authorized under the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act, the status of the law on this issue is in flux.”


While state law allows marijuana possession and use by authorized patients and caregivers, federal law classifies marijuana as a prohibited drug.


Because the ordinance amendment prohibits land use contrary to federal law, marijuana dispensaries are prohibited because federal law doesn’t allow businesses to manufacture or distribute controlled substances. Federal law supersedes state and local laws.


In other business,

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It seems as if most if not all downriver communities have taken this stance. They all took their advice from DCC {Downriver Community Conference http://www.dccwf.org/ } from what I understand. I'm sure if you could get the News Herald to poll all the downriver communities you would find they all have a very slanted view of MM.



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