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Pot Size


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I am curious as to how much the size of the pot affects the growth of the plant.


For instance, a plant in a 1 gallon, 2 gallon, and 3 gallon pot.


I know the root system would be allowed to grow much larger in a 3 gallon pot compared to a 1 gallon pot.


I am talking about soil, to clarify.

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Usual rule of thumb---

the size of the planter corresponds to the siz/age of the plant.

Some Sativa's- if grown to their full potential, can use an 8-12 gallon planter, where a small Kush Plant flowered at 18" can be grown in a 2-3 gallon planter (though IMO not recommended)


Usually, people start their babies in Party cups or 1-gallon planters, then transplant into 5-gallon buckets. Remember-- in nature, they have no boundaries in the soil, so the roots can spread as much as they need to-- the more they can spread in your grow, the bigger & healthier the plants!


We often grow 2-3 plants together in 18-gallon plastic "totes/bins" ... using the lid as a drip-pan underneath (remember to drill lots of big drain holes!)


Good Luck!

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when i was growing in soil i used those rectangular trash cans i think they are like 5.5 gallons. I liked really liked them because the rectangular lip to tie branches for lst... and they're cheap.. they usually come in black or white.


this time around i'm going to try hempy buckets and going with the little mop buckets at walmart I think they're under 2 bucks, and look to be about 3 gallons.

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