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New Macomb County Sheriff

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Anyone know anything about this guy




The Macomb County Sheriff Appointment Committee announced today that Capt. Anthony Wickersham is the new Macomb County Sheriff.



Wickersham will replace Sheriff Mark Hackel on Jan. 1 as Hackel moves into the position of Macomb County executive.

“I’m proud and honored that the clerk, the prosecutor and the chief Circuit Court judge saw I’d be the best candidate,” Wickersham said of the committee members, Chief Probate Court Judge Mark Switalski, County Clerk Carmella Sabaugh and Prosecuting Attorney Eric Smith. Wickersham was one of six interviewees.



“I look forward to leading the agency,” he said.



In his interview, he said, he talked about his successes as Hackel’s chief of staff, and pointed out the budgetary challenges facing law enforcement. He also said a forthcoming project would be securing funds to repair sections of the county jail, where he was a correctional officer from 1986 to 1990.



Wickersham has been an undercover narcotics officer, and was promoted through the ranks to chief of staff in 2007. He was born in Detroit and raised in Warren, and has degrees from Macomb County Community College and Wayne State University.




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