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Grow Tent Temperature Regulation


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New grow tent wouldn't fit where I wanted it to go in the house (too tall), so it's out in my barn. The barn is finished, but not heated.


I've gotten the interior of the tent to stay around 75 degrees with a small heater in there, but that is with all openings sealed off. I don't think I'll be able to maintain that temp when I bring in fresh air from the interior of the barn, which is usually at least 10 degrees above outdoor temps.


Any ideas as far as heating incoming air?

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The idea is to be consistent with the temps so as not to stress the plants and have 'emergencies' dealing with temp problems.


Marijuana can be grown colder or hotter, the idea is to keep the temperature spread reasonable. In various books and my experience you want to keep the temperature range within 20 degrees, and be consistent about it.


For example, you can frequently drop to as low as 56 degrees, but you should make sure that the 'high' is only 76 degrees, thats your 20 degree spread. If you find that your grow room hits 87, you want to see that it does not go cooler than 67 degrees.

Mold and fungus can be attracted to the humidity caused by extreme temperature spreads. When plants stress due to wild swings in temperature, plus the humidity issues, you will get mites as they like stressed plants.


So, trying to keep the tent at 75 degrees all the time will be too much work and wasted effort, just dial in the fans, intake, exhaust to keep it within a 20 degree spread. ie. 65 to 85 degrees is just fine!



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Heres an option. Using a tubing cutter, cut a couple inches off the side support pipes that dont have the compression on the ends of them. Your tent will be a little baggy around the sides but you will be able to fit it in the house where its warm. Only do this if the tent is only a couple inches too tall. If its a foot too tall, then your back to square one in the barn.

This is my spare tent and hood. The side support poles can be shortened if needed. Not more than 2 or 3 inches or your sides will get real baggy.



Here is where the side supports come together. It's hard to see here.



The upper half of the pole has the compression on it. You want to cut the one without the compression. In this pic, It's the lower pole.



Good luck my friend! Medcnman.

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