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Video Update On Flowering Room


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Would you share your process for coco growing, Faygo? Thanks.


if you plan on using coco make sure you buy Botanicare CocoGrow http://www.americanagritech.com/grow-substrates/cocogro. Never buy the ones in the block! the block ones are cheaper but you have to soak it in water over night, then wash it and then wash it again it is not worth saving the extra 5 dollars. Reason i use Coco over soil is cause of how much water it can hold. Coco holds 5-8 times its weight in water so you don't have to water as much.


Now with Coco there is no nutrients in the medium so you have to add your own. This is my nutrient feed for veg growth.


Advanced Nutrients - A&B 2 part 1.5ml per liter

Botanicare - AquaShield 7-10ml per gallon

Botanicare - Cal-Mag Plus 1tsp per gallon

Botanicare - Liquid Karma 7-10ml per gallon

Plant Success - Great White Premium Mycorrhizae

Humboldt Nutrients - Myco Madness

Advanced Nutrients - Carbo load


This is how i prep a 5 Gallon bucket. I use R/O water if you don't have R/O water just tap water is fine but have the water sit in the bucket at least 24 hours till all the chlorine is gone. Once you have filled your 5 gallon bucket take one scoop of Great white and 1 scoop of Myco Madness into the bucket mix it up well till all the bacteria is broken up. Then you add Carbo Load, Aquashield, Cal-Mag, Liquid Karma. PH it to 5.7 then mix those all up well in the bucket then add a Airstone and leave it overnight. The Carbo Load will feed the Bacteria and you need air to keep them alive and multiplying. (yes your are making a Tea)


DO NOT use this for seedings. This feed is only for plants 4inchs and taller. In Coco i just give a good amount of feeding. I just saturate the CoCo give it a good amount of feeding the first time around. I use 4 gallon pots for most of my vegetative growth. so in about 3-4 days i would have to water again. But the next time i water i will just use fresh water. Every other feeding would be with Nutrients then Water.


Make sure you have GOOD lights going to your plants T5 bulbs or CFLs. I use a 1000watt HPS for 20 plants. The temps you want to keep is around 75-80 and 50-60% Humidity. Have a fan blowing and change out the air in the room at least 1 once an hour.

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Man! Where the heck did this thread come from?


I've missed out this whole time! Lookin' REAL Good Faygo!


Definitely a grow op I strive to imitate.



So, you're growing in coco and water, huh? Do you have a preference? That under current system looks awesome!

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