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This is why I started to hate youtube to begin with! It shows as being "public" to me, but it is actually blocked..

Facebook didn't block it :P



And I refuse to block it on my website :P


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Looks pretty sweet SP, I'll be book marking your page for later. Do you write or are you more of an urban explorer? I know Fars, Money, Ribs, Rodeo, and a few others. I used to work at Small Plates the founder, Todd Stern, owes me $1400 in unpaid wages. SOB. Any way about 04 or 05, some guy raged in that building for hours. It was a pretty wild show. He was breaking windows and throwing all kinds of stuff out the windows, chairs, steel drums, even toilets, sinks,even uprooted a tree from the roof. Took the a good hour to show up and I watched one almost catch a bottle to the head and he was inviting them up, telling them that he was the president and that he was going to F'em in the A. Needless to say, the police didn't go in after him. It was after dark before this guy came out and then he would have just kept walking off if the bystander's weren't screaming that's the guy, there he goes, get him. Ah Detroit, what a town. We should swap stories some time. Like my buddy Fars finding a body in a elevator shaft while out painting, I want to say at the Packard. Heck I might have even yelled at you once. I caught a group in the alley trying to climb into the neighbors window. Said they were on a scavenger hunt.

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