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Mh Bulb Blew Out!

Royal Smoke

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So, one of my bulbs just blew out today and I just got it 2 weeks ago.



I already wrote the hydro store and manufacturer and attached photos.


It's a 600 watt MH bulb running on a switchable ballast. The brand name is Maverick Sun. I guess it's a newer company.


Room temp is always 67 to 72 degrees.



Just wondering if this has happened to anyone. I'm sure they're defective bulbs out there. These bulbs are fairly cheap ($60). I'm pretty sure the manufacturer if not the store will replace the bulb. But, should I go with something more expensive?


Here's some pics:











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Definitley get what you pay for Bro. Dont be fooled. Gro Sho AA gives 1 yr Guarantee on Bulbs. And Everything ...


" ....Happens to Both... " but happens to Cheap ones more frequntley, Dont you Know !


Yeah, I've read things and pretty much figured that that was the case. Used the same brand HPS bulb for my last grow and didn't have a problem. If they're willing to replace the bulb, no harm, no foul.


It just hurts me to the bone to spend over $100 on a bulb. :)

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If you used the same brand before with no problems, and they replace it, no problems.

I'm sure you have a backup for when these things happen don't you?


I had a HPS bulb to put in there, but no back up MH. I've gotta get this replaced ASAP. I don't want the ladies to start flowering under the HPS.



My last grow, I only had the HPS bulb, so I vegged and flowered with it. Now.....I'm movin' on up! ;)

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You don't want the ladies to start flowering under HPS? When do you switch from the MH to the HPS?


This is my Veg room. I have a T5 8 bulb light in there and I also have a 600 watt MH light in there. It's a switchable ballast, so I was able to throw in a HPS bulb when my MH blew. I still keep the lights on for 24 hours, I just don't want the light color change to trick the ladies into flowering. I don't think this will happen, but I want to make sure.


I'm not ready for flower yet.


The will go in the flower room when ready to flower...with HPS bulbs. ;)

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It happens with the cheap digital ballasts. Buy Lumatek. Buy local. Then, if a ballast or bulb goes you are covered. Only pay once and enjoy the quality.


I was thinking about that. My digital ballast was on the cheaper side ($140). I did buy locally, I emailed them and the manufacturer together to make sure it got resolved.



As to the different color light causing Flowering, I brought it up because it looks like something kind of similar has happened to 420Grower in this thread:



I don't think he was switching MH to HPS though. He said he had his mother under a 'soft light".

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