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Mango Diesel Kush Free Seeds..!

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The flowering time has also come doen by about 5 days versus standard Diesel. After running these seeds I crossed on accident in this past summers flower room luckily all came out as females, which I expected coming from a stress induced herm momma. The Diesel herms naturally under even mild stress points. Same with Mango. The mango Haze stuff increased the yield by about I would say 12-14% to the Diesel side.


Much more resinated in this hybrid. Although I would not breed it to anything it serves its purpose in my garden despite her need to a very high pampering requirement. I have a few people that like the diesel kick and upside but the Kush side adds a bit more of the body stone as expected from a Kush gene.


This bad moody momma will hermie quick if you stress her on temps, high wind from fans, or cold, or hot containers close to lights. I had a side 400 watt on bricks hitting a side of flower room and the soil temps in conjunction to the light to close for a few days made her herm..oh and the fan swinging this past summer. But keep her steady and comfy and she will reward you with high medical grade. She will not be the super producer like say Chronic by Serious seeds but has it's purpose in the arsenal.



I only have like 10 seeds to give away so probably 2 set of 5 to give away...!!



email me at organiccannabis@yahoo.com




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Hey Dave...FYI all three of those that I got from you and planted came up females! Nice work. They look pretty healthy.

They should be females because the genes are locked up. However a feminized seed takes longer to show sex..so with my first run onthese i straight up tossed them to flower got 2 out of 2 females as expected. They stratch though from both sides. It is a very frosty strain. I believe it is stronger than straight Diesel. THe Kush and mango sides add the CBD required for the medical grade. it also has a upside as well it retained the Diesel and added a bit more weight and cut the flower time doen from 9+ weeks to right around 8 in proper conditions. heat, watering, nutes etc. Be careful because both sides of the family tree are picky. They will herm like a lot of Sativa's. Keep them cozy and you will be rewarded. i can bring you some in about 2+ weeks so you know what your getting into...haha she is potent.

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