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Dwc-Ph Falling With 3 Weeks To Go


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First time post- hope I've put it in the right spot....


We need some advice please. We have 3 weeks to go on our first crop and are having a hard time keeping the pH in the proper range. We have 10 plants in DWC using a 100 gallon res(changed every 10 days at this point) and Technaflora nutrients. The pH can swing from 5.9 to 4.3 in 12 hours. Some (but not all) plants are showing signs of stress (cupped/rolled leaves). Buds are forming nicely but probably could be bigger/better with stable pH. At the low end of pH drift (dive!) the water in the res is crystal clear -when we add pH up a film and persistent bubbles form. We have recently flushed the system with Clearex hoping that a salt build up was the problem with no change.

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Guest OxXGarfieldXxO

Here's a very simple formula for hydro/aero/water based:

  • EC Goes up, Ph goes down = Plants require less nutes
  • Ec goes down, Ph goes up= Plants require more nutes
  • Ec stable, ph goes up= Equalibrium: good thing.

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