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Xmas Songs


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My link


hmmm i am still having trouble uploading the video link correctly







Are you guys using the media tag in the bar above when you are editing a post?


You may not be on the right YouTube video page. You may be on someone's channel watching a video and the link doesn't work to drop a video, because it is a link to their channel page and not the actual video.


Just click the media button above to add media. Cut out the 'http://" that is already in that box when pasting. Or else you will have 2 "http://"'s in there and link won't work. mibrains, your link up there 'My Link' has this problem. Just remember to cut out the 'http://" that's in there. You used the link button instead of the media button also. Make sure your Youtube video ends like this: .com/watch?v=ACApP94ei14


If the address goes on a string longer than that, you are probably on someone's channel, watching one of their videos.

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