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Clare County Cc Helps Osceola Countcc Member/patient In Tree Removal

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Today members of the Clare County CC visited my family home to remove trees that were looming over our house. Mainly my mother and children's room's. They were able to remove one hallow tree away from yard and then dropped one of the three trouble makers. We all ate afterwards and chatted for a bit. Was overall a good day..They even started chopping it us for us to burn.


Great job to the Clare County CC for all their wonderful efforts in and out of their community..I hope Osceola CC will one day be as great a club..Thanks to MayorHerb, Peanut and ThickStickyBuds & son. Great Job!!


Check out the pictures HEREUploading more pictures as I type this


This brings new meaning to Compassion Club..

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Woot!! High five CCCC!! Thank you all so much for doing this.. I am so happy To be a part of such a wonderful group..

Well Annie it is jsut what OUR club is about.Compassion, and helping others..in ALL ways just not getting card..When we can open our own building..We will be able to help alot more. Help the elderly go to store. or to get scripts. or what ever we can do for the old /sick/and patients..thats is our goals...

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