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Oakland County Net Team Hires Dirty Cop

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Fired police officer who took gift card loses job appeal-


A veteran Madison Heights police officer fired two years ago after taking — and spending — a $125 store gift card he found during a drug raid lost his appeal for reinstatement this week. The Michigan Court of Appeals panel said the city acted appropriately when dismissing Richard M. Craze after it was established he found a $125 Home Depot card outside a Pontiac raid and then later used it to buy lawn furniture and fertilizer from the store. Craze, a 12-year veteran, was assigned to the Oakland County Sheriff's Narcotics Enforcement Team.




From The Detroit News: http://detnews.com/article/20101216/METRO02/12160421/Cities-fight-for-pot-law-trial-to-move-to-Oakland#ixzz18cIzoqt5

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hey bish! I take it your a big trekkie! I dont know what a herbert is! so I must be one. kinda looks like they are outer space hippies!


I in no way indorse bad cops! but they are humans like the rest of the world, and we are all sinners, Im thinking these days if ther are any job openings in l.e, they are getting all kinds coming out of the wood work! becuase of unenjoyment!


It is only the cops that can sit and drink at the bars and drive home w/o worrying about getting a ticket good thing for the bars that L . E has one of the biggest % of empoyees that are alcoholics! not to mention one of the professions with the highest divorce rates! I was raised by a police officer! he is a good man, and nobody I have ever talked to bad mouthed my dad, mainly he let them go with a warning! the only person i know who he stuck it to was my asst princple in junior high skewl! he told my mother that me and her should go to weight watcherS!! lol not a good thing to say to a cops wife! my dad got him, riding an unplated motorcycle, no helmet, no ins, no cycle endorsment on licsense, and speeding! when my dad pulled him over he said hey aren't you mr. so and so, my dad just smiled asked for his liscense and ins and gave him every ticket imaginable lmfao! needless to say when i got in trouble from than on, he sent me to the princaple! (i guess he got the message)







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