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Noob Here~ And It Shows *smiles*


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Hey all~


Noob here~ I know I should be asking for some sort of advice, but dont even know where to begin.

I have my paperwork ready to go certified...but but this here chica is too sick to drive. :0( Oooh how I miss driving. Been since the start of Augest. Just made my second trip to the store and even out to hear some live music the other night.. WOOHOO!!

I'm on a jg tube, so getting anywhere is hard, ASIDE from the fact my only help is a 45min drive.

Uugh, being sick SUCKS!!!! Now I feel soemthing wet.. Anyone ever have a tube???

I HATE THIS THING!!!!! I have sprung a leak, get clogged everyday, have to sleep no lower than 30 degrees, cant put anythin gin my mouth~ yet the dumbies dont have liquid meds..hmmmm... Do I even need to mention this pump and IV pole??!! The whole idea sounded nice, I'd be pain and nasuea free, 12 hours on/off. WHAT A JOKE! I mean I DO feel better, but not where they wanted me to be.. I am just focused on staying out of the hospital, keeping this tube flowing and reading all I can on MMJ. I hope to enjoy that soon but know realistically, well it just wont happen soon enough, LOL..


OOOHh heck, I am really clogged and will just end this rant of a post.



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Clogs Suck... Hoping to get flowing soon, had to call for help... Not looking so good for staying outta that awful hospital :0(

I have soooooo much info to process.. I want to be excited, I really do..


Keep your fingers crossed for me!


health~love ~light

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