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App Question..

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Hey all~

total noob and it shows!


I have a first time CG willing to 'learn with me' (cause I REALLY want to learn) THey have offered the space I do not have. If I send this app in with a 'first time CG' do we need to send in $200? Somewhere on a thread here or there I seem to have gottn confused...


SO am I understanding right that IF I sign on a CG in the begining I can no longer 'run out" and get a clone. Since I gave up my right to plants and CG would have to wait for the physical card ~ cause they are not given the same protection as a patient after 20 days and cashed..??!! What would one do in this situation?


This is a person who I never want to see in trouble EVER EVER EVER..BUT I dont wnat to wait til they get a card to get me some yummy clones. IF we'd be better off just putting me down so I can get started sooner? Can someone even become a CG without a paient?

OOHh this is just the begining of my questions *smiles*

Thanks to you all for being around here helping noobs out, So sorry If I put this in the wrong place. Just let me know if I am in bad form!



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Ok giver is covered at the 21 day mark just like you. They just have to have your paperwork to prove that's what they're doing. 2nd, You can grab clones anytime ya want and meds and not just from your giver.You would just have to give the clones to your giver for growing as both of ya cant grow at diffrent places at the same time. After 20 days from filing, if you or your giver does not have the state issued card, then the paperwork you both filed IS your card.................


Dont worry about the questions,, thats what we're here for

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