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Lunar Eclipse Effects Moods

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The lunar eclipse has apparently made several good individual humans act out of their norm today. What do you guys think? What else could be causing all this?SpockLogic.jpg


Lighten up and get some better meds if possible. What can we do to help you specifically today?images-24.jpg


Love each other...:rolleyes:

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Love each other...




you are right sir....


stay happy life is short....


no matter what anyone may think, the truth is, this big rock is gonna keep on spinnin with or without us, so what may be troubling you today, isnt a big deal in the overall scheme of things.

let go

let god

medicate and set yourself free.


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I ingested (ate) a good quantity of Blueberry Jam (Dr. Atomic) marijuana today. I am still feeling really good and will no doubt fall into a sublimely restful sleep in a few hours. Could a lunar eclipse affect my mood in the condition I am in? I wouldn't be able to tell anyway and I really couldn't care less. However, it gives me a really good excuse if someone confronts me about acting "different".

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