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Mites At Harvest

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Apologies for what has got to be the 195th spider mite topic this year, but I've got a twist. As I was admiring a plant that I had just chopped down, I noticed that what I had thought was some diatomaceous earth that I had spilled on the leaves is actually a nasty batch of mites and eggs. I've never had this problem at harvest before. What can I do to save this plant? Is it safe to spray Azatrol on it at this late date, since it's OMRI rated? How about just dunking it in water? I'm reluctant to try a full water cure as I'm told it kills the taste completely.


I can't afford to lose this much bud. Don't bother telling me to make it into butter or hash - I've got a fridge full of medibles already. My patient needs this particular strain and I'm almost out of dried, cured material.


Freaking %$#&* mites...

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mites will hop off a plant that is chopped down within a day or 2.


once the plant dries, their food source is gone.


i would hang the branches someplace safe and out of your grow room for a couple days.


keep your eyes on the upper most part of the stem. (right by the string or whatever it is hanging from) they will come off the leaves and all head up there and talk about what to do next. you will see webs probably.


this is when i would zap them....... after they have left the buds.

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They are already hanging in isolation. I smeared Tanglefoot on either side of the string and on the base of the stem. While I am concerned abotu the existing mites, I'm more worried about the eggs. I don't want to dry them for a week, put them in jars, then find them smothered in new eggs a week later while curing. Been there, seen that...


When you said "zap them....... after they have left the buds", were you referring to Azatrol, water, or something else?

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i use a 50-50 mix of water and 70% rubbing alcohol for instant death. when they congregate, i would spray as you have, the stem and string, but not the buds. if they laid eggs before they died, they will be hatching and crawling up there within another couple days. that will be the end of the cycle...... as the alcohol mix kills them instantly and will not allow another batch of eggs.

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