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Vote For Runner-Up In The Kenewell's Christmas Contest Please


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first, thanks to mr. & mrs. kenewell for such an amazing contest this holiday season. and super congrats to the winner. croppled1!!


as promised, i will be giving out a 2nd place prize, but i would like it if you all could help me vote for the runner-up??


here are the entries, and the poll to vote is at the top of this screen.


thanks again everyone!!


When I was 19 I went in to have an operation on my knee to rid me of a grinding, the pain after surgery never went away. During the surgery they also did a lateral pattela release, which they have now figured out is what causes my pain. There is one operation to fix the issue I have but no surgeon will do it due to the risk of it messing my leg up more than it is, so I am stuck walking with a cane and a limp, spasms where my leg kicks like someone is checking my reflexes on my knee, and pain from my thigh to my knee. I spent the first year and a half on vicodin 5mg 4-5 times a day, then went on to 6-7 times a day and they changed me to 7.5mg vicodin 5-7 times a day, after 6 months of that I went to Oxycontin 10mg 2-4 a day. My mother of all people started pushing medical marijuana on me and I was hesitant at first but smoked a joint anyway. It was the first time in 3 years that I had no pain at all, and the first thing I did was go for a jog. Soon later I noticed that the medical marijuana also eliminated almost entirely my muscle spasms which made walking, driving and almost everything a challenge, so I got legal as fast as I could. I have now been a legal patient for a year and am getting my life back, while on pain killers I had lost my job, some friends and all of my savings. On pain killers I was depressed, shut in, an donkey, and someone who just hated everyone and everything for no rhyme or reason, now I am 23, working, saving, and enjoying life. It also helps me with my asthma which is bad to the point it usually hospitalizes me around fall when it goes from warm to cold, I find myself not relying on a rescue inhaler and able to take full breathes after medicating. Medical marijuana has given me a life again and got me completely off of painkillers that would surely kill me eventually. It has also been a great help in how my girlfriend of six years feels, she hated seeing me depressed all of the time and I treated her like dirt for no reason, all of that has changed and we are still happily together, which is really all I can hope for.


Off topic but I feel it has helped me quit smoking cigarettes as well, I quit cold turkey and the first few weeks when I really wanted a smoke I just medicated, I think what i was missing was the physical act of smoking and it really helped get past that.


On a side note I would like to not be counted for a first place nomination, there are people more needing of the free renewal than myself, my family doctor handles mine so I only have to pay the state and it would not be right for me to take it.


If not obvious me condition is sever and chronic pain and spasms.



in 2006 I was working full time going to college and dealing with 4 children and a husband.I have had back pain for about 5 years before my doctor did and MRI.Next thing I know I am in Saginaw having surgey.I have been diagnosed with degenaritve disc disease and depression,I had 2 back fusions and was put on morphine ,which they found out I was allergic to it,next on the list was vicodin,well that just made me suicidal!I was loosing everything and I was on a medication that can cause depression.I also lost about 20 pounds while on the meds cause they messed with my stomach.I was sleeping all the time,never went to my kids games or concerts in fear I would have to sit on bleachers,or have to get up in front of everybody to move around.I stayed home and slept that was pretty much my day.My husband suggested I try Medical Cannabis I told him he was nuts people just want to get high.One night the pain was so bad I had nothing and I refused to go to ER.I smoked a joint and wow I just felt better right away.It helped me relax for the first time in years.Now I use Cannabis on a daily basis and it had changed my life so I can enjoy it.I can help around the house which was not possible before ,I can enjoy my wonderful kids who sees mom walking around smiling which they did not see much of because of the pain and depression.I'm not sure if this is a good thing but at the last doctor check I had gained 13 pounds.I love making dinner that is the best part of the evening.Before I never cooked who wanted to cook when you are standing there feeling sick.It was every body who suffered not just me, so medical cannabis has helped my whole family.I truly beleive that God have given us the perfect plant.


I will tell everyone how mm has changed my life.

I have fibromialgia, Hep C, an possibly a form of MD, called chardon marie tooth syndrome, but without health insurance I can't get tested for it, my chances of having it are unfortunately good cause my grandfather had muscular dystrophy also.

I will tell everybody that perscription drugs are addicting an in most cases can be deadly.

I just seen on TV where a law firm are suing the drug Co that came out with darvon an darvasette years ago, saying the pills has caused heart problems etc.., including death,

What I'm getting to with this is that marijuana has kept me from pursuing other pain relief, and also curbs my nausea from my hep C.

Marijuana for me growing up was essential back then also cause it kept me calm an able to function as a single parent.

I'm happy to be able to help my patients with meds that help make their pain manageable.

After growing up with a mother who was addicted to darvon, darvasette sleeping pills, etc ..I swore I would never go down that road, it was like living in hell house.

Marijuana is safe an effective, I tell my girls all the time, alcohol should be banned an marijuana legalized, and I'm sure if my dad were still alive he would say the same thing, you see when cops get called to a domestic violence call, its always alcohol.



First off let me say what a cool contest this really is... :goodjob:

MM was NOT something I thought I'd ever get in to. Yes I dabbled, but after all of the research, it became a big part of my life. I was diagnosed with Crohns disease and Ulcerative Colitis in 2006. After the first treatment of Meds, (4 pills, 4 times a day) didn't do the trick, my Gastro Doc put me on Steroids, and some other HUGE pill that made me feel like I was going insane, every day. I was still getting sick, and losing weight, and per his request, I went online to find out everything I could about Crohns. After tons of research, I found an article on Medical Marijuana, and the relief people just like me were getting from it. I was skeptical, of course, but willing at that point to do my own experiment. What an awesome decision!!! I have been symptom free, and in remission since 2007, and I am down to just 3 pills a DAY :thumbsu: I do have lower back issues now, and all the joint pain that is associated with Crohns, but I'm nausea free, and I owe it all to MM.


I have a wonderful, and very understanding Dr, and don't really need the Grand Prize, but I've been a member here for a while, and since I've never gotten personal, I thought it was time to tell my story.


Good Luck to All!!!



Well my friends, I don’t have a great story, it is in fact pretty boring I suppose. Some individual human beings probably will think that I am not a severe enough case for medical cannabis.


When I was 13 my doctor told me I was developing severe arthritis and it would worsen over time. He was right.


When I was 30 I was diagnosed with a severe degenerative disc disease in the lower back and a something else in my upper back. My choice was then to go on disability and live on 40% of my income, or keep working in severe pain, so I chose to feed my family of course.


My jobs through the years have all been pretty physical in nature, but that was how I could make a living so I kept going as long as I could, but it was only compounding all those problems and adding some new issues. “A tremendous amount of arthritis in my back, hips, knees, feet, ankles, wrists, shoulders, neck”, I am probably missing something. A partially crushed elbow leads to some swelling and unusable at times. My knee is all torn up, but again, no money for a knee specialist, so permanent swelling and pain and limping is my life. But hey, I am not complaining, I am truly blessed, but this is just the facts. Many, many are suffering far worse than I.



I had tried cannabis many years ago and thought it might help, and my doctor agreed that it was worth a try.


My dad had prostate cancer and my score is high but I can’t afford more tests now so I hope cannabis helps fight that if I have it.


Then, after many years of self or no medication, I finally tried to go legit as far as society and began taking prescriptions of all kinds, which led to many other health issues (just from taking those pills), but it was the only way to keep working some and functioning as much as possible. However this only led to a state of “I hope to get the energy to get up and take another pain pill and lay back down” like someone else said. I know it was destroying my organs and systems, and keeping me much more foggy headed, but what choices were there legally? And all those pills messed up some more stuff which required more pills?


After our new law passed I tried cannabis and eliminated all other pharmaceuticals from my body, I was able to get back to a more productive working, tax paying member of society. Now I actually can sometimes go out and buy things we need or want (if there is any $) because I am able to function, which of course helps our economy. Yes, there are still days when I can not walk at all or without great effort, but some days I look normal to other individual human beings I am sure. My mood also has improved since losing the poisons from my body.


My wife was very skeptical but now is delighted with the results and would never go back to the old poisons. Even my parents are now full supporters and they are from another generation.


But in my mind the main thing that cannabis gave me because of its pain relief was the clarity to dwell upon more important things like helping others, more spiritual development and activity, taking more enjoyable time with family and friends without my severe chronic pain that would otherwise prevent these types of memories from being created.


Now, hopefully, my grand kids will remember grandpa as a fun guy who played with them and not some hurting old fart who wasn’t very friendly or nice (because of always being in pain, you know how it affects our moods and behaviors).


So, medicinal cannabis has helped me be a better husband, father, son, grandpa, citizen, and friend! I also think that medicinal cannabis may be the linchpin that tips the balance of power towards individual human rights and freedom and away from tyranny because of the high profile focus afforded the subject.



And, I have met some very nice individual human beings here, thanks to all of you, and good luck to all...


Here are some pics of the pharmaceuticals I am off of now.



This wonderful god given herb has changed my life in several ways.


I am legally blind and have glaucoma wich developed after I had dual cornea transplants. Before I started smoking my pressure was in the 30's with prescribed meds. Now with prescribed meds and MMJ my pressure stays in the low teens.


I have the worst case of execma that my dermatologist has ever seen, according to her. MMJ helps to calm me making the constant itching more tolerable.


I have degenerative joint disease. I can always tell you when it is about to rain. They really should hire me at the weather channel. I am way more accurate than thier fancy computers and satelites as I start to ache severly before a rain. MMJ of course relieves the pain mostly.


I have deppression. The use of MMJ has a nice little side effect. When I get buzzed , laugh , and perma smile I am not thinking about my poor health or any of lifes worries. If thats a bad thing I am guilty.


I get to help others. Now that I have been self sufficient more than a year. I recently decided to pay it forward and get a patient to help as well. I recently signed that patient and it feels good to help someone get relief medically as well as financially.


These are the ways MMJ has impacted my life. Thanks for your time reading and have a great holiday !



I use cannabis specifically for two conditions that are unrelated, but find that cannabis relieves many more minor medical issues at the same time. Truly a wonder drug clothed in a gentle herbal remedy!


The main reason I sought my card after the law passed was to get legal. I had already been a medical marijuana user for two years. I had started using cannabis at a work friend's suggestion to relieve the pain in my wrists and hands from chronic carpal tunnel and arthritic pain caused by a poorly healed navicular fracture I had obtained a couple of years before.


Although I had carpal tunnel pain frequently before the injury, it was not until two years after the incident as the arthritis developed and a move back to cold Michigan that the pain became truly debilitating. As a lead programmer and software architect I had become "fluent" in several programming languages over the 15 years of my career. As the pain increased, the effect was very subtle. I first started noticing it when I began taking frequent typing breaks. It became absolutely unmanageable when my breaks started extending for fear of starting again. My performance was suffering badly and I needed to do something. All of my knowledge meant absolutely nothing if I couldn't TYPE IT. The pain had stolen my fluency and I was producing like a junior programmer.


I had loads of experience with pharmaceutical pain relievers from post-op recoveries from surgeries for my other condition, and I knew already that they were not going to work for me for both side-effect and addiction reasons. One of my friends at work suggested marijuana, and sold me some. It worked, but the "regs" caused a great deal of issues for me as a programmer, mostly surrounding short-term memory loss which was unacceptable for me during work. I found better medicine occasionally, sometimes even named strains, but when I did it was $500-$600 per ounce.


I was converted though. As a former cannabis user in my teens it was a very easy adjustment for me. I started to delve into medical cannabis specifically to learn more. I had another coworker who had a caregiver friend in California that agreed to ship me medicine of specific strains to attempt to find a strain that helped my pain while eliminating the short term memory issues.


Within a few months, I had found a strain that worked perfectly. It was called Sweet Mango Diesel and had no head effect other than a soothing calm, but went to work instantly on my hands, relieving the pain in a very similar manner to the Darvon I had tried from my previous surgeries. (I have found since then that this type of thorough pain relief is uncommon in cannabis and when it is found it is normally accompanied by the dreaded memory loss along with other negative side effects like lethargy).


This experimentation was very expensive (even after I got a California caregiver that was able to offer a much lower price, the added "expense" of shipping was weighing heavily on my mind and I had to buy lots at a time), and although I earned a good living I felt that one of the advantages of using a non-traditional medication like cannabis was that you can grow it yourself. I talked a friend into becoming my caregiver locally and we built a grow.


A few months later I got laid off. In fact my last day at work was just a few days before the vote in 2008.


I suffered through a minor mental collapse that I didn't see coming at all, lived several months on unemployment income, and tried like hell to come up with something to do for a job before being taken to the Rochester Compassion Club by a friend. I met a fellow there that walked me through the certification and registration process, introducing me to Doctor Kenewell who certified me; my caregiver's unregistered grow was finally on the straight and narrow.


Then I went to the Expo, the Rochester club folded, and Birmingham Compassion was born. The rest is history. The early Compassion Club leaders took very good care of me. I owe all of you a great debt of personal gratitude and hope someday to be able to pay you all back for what you have done for me and the members of Birmingham Compassion.


Although I still do not have perfect relief from my hand pain, it is much preferable to the side effects from Darvon or any other opioid pain reliever for me and I feel much more in control of my pain rather than being controlled by it as I was before. I have also been given the gift of seeing cannabis work first-hand on lots of other very serious conditions. Frankly, the miracles I have seen from this plant have inspired me to continue this fight even in the threatening environment we now face in Oakland County.


There is no way I will let little people like Bouchard, Cooper, and Patterson take this medicine away from me or the members of Birmingham Compassion. Medical cannabis definitely changed our lives for the better.

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Well I don't enter to many contest but this one sounds great. I have had 2 back surgerys in the past 12 years, I have been taking Vicidines, Roboxins, Valuems, other pills that I don't even remember the names of and I have even had injections in my back. I have seen so many doctors that I can not remember there names and after seeing Dr Kenewell and him putting me on Marihuana and doing it legal, let me tell everyone. I don't feel all the pain as much, I eat good now, I only ate 1 time aday now 3 times and more, I don't even take Roboxins at all, I'm down to maybe 2 Vic's aday when I use to eat 6 of them aday, I don't even take the Valumes anymore, I sleep great, when I want to go to bed I go right to sleep. I'm on my second year being legal and this has been the best Thing I needed and if Dr Kenewell was'nt there to help me I realy don't know what I would be doing for my back today. I'm not realy sure what you want to here but before I forget I used to train horses for 15 yrs and could'nt do it anymore and had to have help from my son inlaw and now I go out and I'm doing it again, I even get the nerve to get back up there again, I smoke my meds get it even gives me the hope I need to ride again I want to realy thank you and everyone in your office thank you for probley saving my life. B. Murphy



I have no idea how i missed this, but none the less i am going to share my story :jig:


Well my name is Brandan, I am 27 and i get lovely vascular Migrains. I still can remember my first one from when i was 13. It was a very scary thing because i had no idea what exactly it was. For those of you that don't know what a migraine does to you let me quickly explain what mine do for me. I can always tell when i am about to have one, my hearing gets a little bit more sensitive, then i get what are called "auras", basically it is a blurry spot in your vision. Mine start in the middle of my vision making everything directly in my line of view blurry. I feel numbness in my finger tips and hands. I get intantly nauseated, and usually can not help throwing up approx 5 time during the diration of the headache (2-8 hours). My vision get consideably worse, i end up with zero use of any periphial vision ,plus the auras in the actual field of vision. The pressure in my head is crazy, hard to explain. Like someone poured broken glass in my head and is shaking it up. everyone who knows me knows about these. And the wonderful part is, they get a little worse everytime I have one. The last few I was scared that i was dying. When i feel one coming there isnt alot i can do, but cannabis does help them, and sometimes if i can catch it soon enough i dont have to go through all the trowing up and pressure.


They are not really sure what causes them, i believe my stress level has a huge part in them. They have suggested a MRi and CAT scan in the past but im broke and cant afford it. But I do remember as a kid that when i was smoking cannabis alot my headaches were actually far less frequent. well when the law came into effect I actually spent alot of time researching about migrains and cannabis. Migrains actually cost me alot, i lost a job years ago because i was in a cycle of about 6 in one month, and when i have them i and in the fetal position in my bed because anything and everything is painful and will make me sick to stomache. Its pretty horrible. Im a grown man and ill cry when i have one comming on because i kn ow what im about to go to. Not scared of anything really, except for when these are comming.


Cannabis has allowed me to get rid of some of this fear. It lets me deal with these headaches like those so called pills are supposed to do. Not one of the pills the docs tried did anything for me. And you know they want you to try all of them before they will look at anything else. Cannabis has taken a huge chip off my shoulder. The ability to grow my own meds is a feeling i can not put into words. Every single day i look forward to entering my garden and tending to these ladies. Plus on top of all the things that cannabis has done for me, one of the greatest things it has done has given me the ability to help other sick people get the help they need. Im just a regular dude, yet i have the ability to help hundreds if not thousands of people. So Cannabis has actually helped all those around me as well as let me go around not in fear of a sporatic headache affecting my quality of living . I know that I will prolly have these forever, but now i am not as scared.



First off I want to thank the Kennewells, they are some carrinng beautiful people, for offering such a great prize! Just shows the compassion they have!

Not to mention one of the cuttiest babies I've seen in a while!!

Man where do I start, Married for ever (38 this July) to a wonderful woman (has to be to put up with all my !@#$ for all these years) Have 2 great kids, now adults, a son and daughter. I have one grandchild and she's my entire world!!

I've been involved with cannabis for almost 45 years now, mostly as recreational until recently. Since the mid 90's I have been depending on cannabis to potentiate the other posions being prescribed to me by other docotrs. I have osteoarthritus all over. I've had 11 sugeries on my left foot/ankle resulting in 3 different joints in the foot being fused. Right foot I've had 4 operations on failing joints of that foot.The list goes on, carpel tunnel, rotator cuff, bones removed from thumbs, L5S1 degenertive disk they want to do sugery on, Left knee and hip are candidates for replacement surgeries that I'm not willing to go through!

Here this past summer I had gall bladder removal surgery as I was sick for months prior to finding out the GB was useless. I was prescribed everything under the sun for the nausea and the only thing that actually worked for the upset stomach and the unreal dry heaving associated with it was Cannabis. It would stop the sourness/sickness in a matter of a few seconds/minutes!

I've been prescribed every pain pill you can think of and currently still taking Mscontin and Norco daily. Without the daily use of cannabis these drugs that are prescribed to me would be useless. As I've been on them forever. Neither really works 100% on their own but together cannabis has drastically reduced the need for opiates. With cannabis use I actually have cut my opiate intake by over 1/2. Unfortunatly Cannabis and or opiates by themselves don't give me enough relief, but combined I can live an almost pain free days!!

Cannabis does wonders for the nerve pain I have in my foot, it seems to sooth all those painful pin prick burning sensations.

I'm sure there is a lot more that I'm missing, but I'm already boring myself so you all must be also.

All I can say for sure is without Cannabis life would be a lot more complicated!


Again Thank You Kennwells! You are a breath of fresh air in this movement!!


Well I guess I will start with what I think was the start of my problems. I fell down some steps when I was young, maybe 10-12 years old. I bounced off the steps on my back, the same spot that hurts now. Although it only hurt for a few days and life went on. Well later on in school in 10th grade doing push-ups and sit ups would really hurt my lower back. I went to the Doctor to try to find out what was wrong with it. They suggested it was “growing pains” and told me to stop the push-ups and sit-ups for the rest of the year. Everything was fine as long as I was not putting lots of pressure on my lower back (push-ups) or rolling on it (sit-ups). I have always been active in sports and physical activity so it was a big letdown that I could not do these things but it seemed to get better. I just didn’t do the things that hurt my back and I was ok. Well out of school, working, getting married, having 3 kids, and 7 years later I had a good job that paid 11.00 an hour. It was a mix of driving, working a small crane, and some heavy lifting and digging. I was working there for a little over a year and a half. I had just got off a long day, but an easy one. It was a windy night and we had a gust that blew out our pilot light. So I went to relight it, nothing to bad, just lay on my back, hold the button, light it… Well I did that, went to get up and felt this VERY sharp pain in my back, same spot as when I was young and same spot as when I was in school. It hurt just like I had slammed down on it on the stairs again. I called out for my wife to help me get up. I ended up going to the emergency room the next morning because the pain was so intense I could barely walk. They said it was probably a pulled muscle in my back, gave me some Vicoden told me if it was not better to set up an appt. with my primary dr. So I took time off work to get better, or so I hoped at the time. My back did not start to feel better and I could hardly do anything even on the Vic’s. I set up an appt. with my primary Dr. I went in and explained what had happened the past week. They told me that I probably had a pulled muscle. I told them that is what the E-room Dr. said and that I have had a pulled muscle before and it hurt like hell, but not all the time, only when I moved that muscle. I asked if there was like an X-ray I could take or something like that. So they set me up with a MRI. BTW, I had no insurance at the time and was not working at all. I called the place that does the MRI’s and they said it was 500$ down and it would be 2500$ total. I ended up borrowing the money from my Mom’s husband and got the test, I had to know why my back was why it was. Well the test came in and found 2 mild herniated disks and 1 moderate herniated disk that was pushing on my nerve and a Conjoined nerve. The spots were L-3 to L-4, L-4 to L-5, and L-5 to S-1 and the conjoined nerve was somewhere in there. I was then ordered not to work by my Dr and was started on Vicodens but increased, I think 4-6 a day. Well a few months of struggling I was finally put on Medicaid and they covered the E-room visit and the MRI and my Dr. appointments and that helped SO much. I then started aquatic theropy because it was low contact. I was doing good and it felt like it was helping but about the end of it my back started to hurt SO much more than it ever had. I set up a dr. appt. and talked to my dr. She ordered another MRI. This one came back with 2 moderate herniated disks and 1 large herniated disk that was pushing on my nerve really bad. This is where my story can get long…lol They put me on all kinds of things, norco, muscle relaxers, lyrica, anti-depressants, and a whole host of things and most made me feel sick, to tired to function, or didn’t work. The only thing that really worked was pain pills. So at the height of my pain I was on 1 50mg Kadian (Morphine Sulfate) 2x a day and 1 10/325mg Norco 4x a day for breakthrough pain. In April of 2009 I talked to my Dr. about Medical Marijuana. That is when I found out that that office “Will not participate in the program” but said that I could go to a different Dr. to get certified. I did that, although it took a long time. I was able to get a friend of mine to be my CG and everything got started. Then I started to drop my pain meds when I was getting a supply. I now do NOT take Kadian or Norco! The only pills I take now are 1 Tramadol/Ultram 50mg 2-4 times a day and use about 1-2 grams of Cannabis a day. The last MRI that I had done before I lost my insurance it showed that 1 of the disks has recessed back to normal, 1 disk went back to mild, and the large went back to moderate with no pressure on the nerve but with osteoarthritis all around the 3 disks. I still go thru pain, just not as much as I used to. I feel a heck of a lot better now that I can do more things with my kids and wife. Eeek, I guess I went a little over the word limit and I am sorry about that.


Hope all is well with everyone and Merry Chrismahanaquanzaka and a Happy New Year to all!


PS. Thank you Bob and Alyscia for all that you have done, all that you are doing now, and all that I know you will do in the future. You two are truly compassionate. (Not sucking up…lol)





Here's my story;


I was in a car accident in 1993. I went from the front seat to the back seat, ( no seat belt) back strain at that time. I hit the back of my head on the rear window so hard the window broke and I had glass embedded in my head.


1996 I am at work (I work with adults that have developmental disabilities) I was assisting a gentleman into the shower. He could walk but he would sometimes "refuse" and would fall to the floor. I tried to catch him from falling, and.......you guessed it, injured my lower back.


1997.........I unfortunately found my self in a terribly abusive relationship with a very LARGE man. I was thrown up against......I don't know how many walls, and my lower back was smashed into the knob of any miscellaneous door I happened to be by, a few times. I'm sure my head hit the floor, walls etc. I know I passed out at least 2 times.

I got out of that relationship in 1999..............2 years was way to long!


Time goes on, life goes by, and it's 2004. I am now in daily pain. And, get horrible migraine headaches. I go to doctor after doctor, some pushing pills, some thinking I'm looking for pills, most not willing to find out what is even wrong with me. Until I finally get a doctor to give me an MRI. And, Lo and Behold.......Bulging disks l-4, l-5, S-1. Degenerative disk diseases, Spondylosis, etc............reasons for the daily sciatica. Reasons I can't sleep. Reasons I am miserable and crabby.


I began using Marijuana around 1997. I didn't realize it was for medicinal purposes, I just knew I felt better. I could move. I could get up and clean my house. I could go to work, or go and visit family. But, it is still hidden and very taboo. I notice when I would use marijuana my headaches would go away, or at least the nausea associated with them.


Now, 2006....I believe. I am asked to sign a petition to make Marijuana legal for people whom need it for medical purposes. I immediately sign it.


2008, I vote for the proposal to become a law.


Then, I am talking to a friend that tells me he qualifies as a patient. I ask him how he found it out. He tells me about the law, and being the manager now of 3 group homes, I have to read State laws all the time! I go to the State site and realize...........OMG! I qualify!


I submit my doctor records to THCF, they call me back and inform me that I qualify for not only my chronic back issues, I also will benefit from MM use with my Asthma.


The more I learn, the hungrier I get. I read everything I can find. I talk to anyone that will talk back with me about it. I order books, and make lists.


I learn about, and make medibles, tincture, topical oil, I try to use as many forms other than just smoking that I can learn about.


For me, it has been the difference of being in total pain, or addicted to opiates. I can't, even if I wanted to take pills, most make me sick. I throw them right up. So, even if I choose them, at least 50% of the time they would be useless. MM always works. It takes away any nausea I have Immediately. I can sleep at night, which enables me to be productive during the day.


I still have daily pain. But, Medical Marijuana helps me to manage it. I am grateful for the ability to freely choose Marijuana as a medicine. I am grateful that the voters in MI, were willing to give me that right!




ok, i think thats everyone :)


PLEASE take a second to vote everybody. thanks.


i will leave this up for about 48 hours and then notify the runner-up to the Kenewell's contest.



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Please pull me from the nomination list, after reading the stories I feel there are much more in need people and would like to vote for one of them.


@Irish I feel for how much you have had to suffer and I know what it is like to rely on pain medicine, the depression, the feeling like you are always going to throw up, If MMJ has not got you completely off of painkillers like it has me I sincerely hope that someday you will be able to get off of them.




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Please pull me from the nomination list, after reading the stories I feel there are much more in need people and would like to vote for one of them.


@Irish I feel for how much you have had to suffer and I know what it is like to rely on pain medicine, the depression, the feeling like you are always going to throw up, If MMJ has not got you completely off of painkillers like it has me I sincerely hope that someday you will be able to get off of them.






Awww~~ Ionic that is sweet. I am only taking Ultram and Neurontin. I refuse to take vicoden, percosets, etc..... MM helps tremendously.


I really do feel that it is a blessing that we can use it. My back doctor, (whom, I have not told I use MM) keeps saying it is great that I haven't progressed to needing stronger medications. Since he is a St. Joe's Dr. I do not wish to reveal the choice of MM to him, as it most likely would inhibit the relationship I have with him already.


I know some will not agree with this, and in time I will probably disclose it. But, I fought too long and too hard to get a dr. to take me seriously.

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I am really shocked!


I really appreciate this............Although, I don't think my story is any more special than any of ours.


What a lovely Christmas present. I'm not sure if I want the tote or the card. Let me talk to my spouse.


We are dirt growers, and that would buy 2 and 1/2 bags of dirt!.............But, a 2 plant tote is a nice way to dabble in hydro.


I'll let you know for sure later, if that is ok.


Thanks, Phaque, Bisharoo, newbie, Ionic, Kathy, mama, and glaucoma for voting for me! :wub:

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I am really shocked!


I really appreciate this............Although, I don't think my story is any more special than any of ours.


What a lovely Christmas present. I'm not sure if I want the tote or the card. Let me talk to my spouse.


We are dirt growers, and that would buy 2 and 1/2 bags of dirt!.............But, a 2 plant tote is a nice way to dabble in hydro.


I'll let you know for sure later, if that is ok.


Thanks, Phaque, Bisharoo, newbie, Ionic, Kathy, mama, and glaucoma for voting for me! :wub:


whatever you want :)


the card, the tote to play with :) or i will even have some dirt drop-shipped??


totally up to you and yours!! merry christmas

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I am really shocked!


I really appreciate this............Although, I don't think my story is any more special than any of ours.


What a lovely Christmas present. I'm not sure if I want the tote or the card. Let me talk to my spouse.


We are dirt growers, and that would buy 2 and 1/2 bags of dirt!.............But, a 2 plant tote is a nice way to dabble in hydro.


I'll let you know for sure later, if that is ok.


Thanks, Phaque, Bisharoo, newbie, Ionic, Kathy, mama, and glaucoma for voting for me! :wub:


You're most welcome for the vote! Another compelling story-- and some heartbreaking history. Glad you are growing your own medicine

to help deal with all the pain you must have-- and now that medicine will cost a bit less next month! I'm happy for your good fortune!

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Congrats IG! May your gift bless many individual humans along this plane of reality. Good luck with your issues. May you be stronger and happier this year!Thanks so much to The Kenewell's and BG for their generosity. You both qualify for advancement to the higher dimensions once you are through here. I look forward to that MMMA reunion some day...UniversalLove.jpg

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