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Christian Televangelist Pat Robertson Says Leagalize It?

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Here's a Christmas present for ya!


When well know televangelists start saying ' end prohabition' against cannabis there may still be hope.


Holy Hemp! Pat Roberston Supports Ending Cannabis Prohibition In An Effort To Get ‘Smart On Crime’

December 22nd, 2010 By: Allen St. Pierre, NORML Executive Director

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Break out the recorders! Don’t let this one get away!


If I didn’t watch it with my own eyes I might not believed it possible: Televangelist and former Baptist minister Pat Robertson making a cogent argument on alternatives to arresting and incarcerating citizens who use drugs, with a clear emphasis on legalizing the possession of a few ounces of cannabis.


The 700 Club segment on alternatives to crime helps promote a new right-of-center organization that seeks to actively lobby for reform of the criminal justice system principally as a poor use of scant public funds called Right on Crime. Notable conservative activists such as Americans for Tax Reform’s Grover Norquist, American Conservative Union’s David Keane and Prison Fellowship Ministries’ Pat Nolan are spearheading this important new front in the now 40-year-old effort to reform cannabis laws.


Also, with unbelievable karmic timing, Pat Robertson endorses ending Cannabis Prohibition for possession of a few ounces at the 4:20 mark of the video.


Virginia, there is a Santa Claus.





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An incredible twist in the narrative! Pat Robertson calling for legalization. :blink: They are definitely preparing the populace for legalization. What is their time frame? Five years? Twenty???

The new source of tax income must have finally hit their radar screens. When they all realize how much $$$ they'll be able to get their hands on things will change overnight.

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Amazing!!!! One can't help but to think this all politics to him and his team. He really made a huge religious / political blunder with his statement against the Haitians. As with any public persona if you want to remain riding high on the horse you better do some damage control and find a way to REACH OUT and keep your followers. It just tickles me pink to see he is endorsing marijuana! This just may be the start of a movement to end prohibition. It would probably be easier if more states would pass a MM user law.



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