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Patient With A Problem ! ! !

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I am trying to get my card...I sent in the proper documents and 100$ check to do so..I sent my stuff in on OCTOBER 15TH.. the state cashed my check on OCTOBER 21ST.. and I never recieved a denial letter..however on my original application I checked the box that I would be my own patient and growing on my own. I was told by my doctor that I could change that status at anytime by sending in the required documents and $10 fee. I searched for a caregiver for about a month. I finally found someone I thought would suit me, sent in the proper documents with the $10 to change my application/card to having a caregiver. About 5 days later, that 10$ check was cashed, and my caregiver and I began to work together. On December 13th, I recieved a denial letter from the state. The letter stated that I was denied because I had an insufficient fee and I also did not have the proper documentation for Medicaid, Social Security Disability award letter, etc. I am EXTREMEMLY CONFUSED/FRUSTERATED. I was told that because it takes so long to issue the cards out, that if your check was cashed and you did no recieve a denial letter within 20 days that you were in the clear! I am a little confused on why I received a denial letter for my SECOND application, and the fact that it stated that I was denied because of medicaid and social securtiy, when I am not enrolled in anything similar to that. I SENT IN MY 100$ FEE AND THEY CASHED IT! I have left numerous messages with the state regarding this.. I was wondering if ANYONE knew what this was about! I am concerned that I am no longer able to get my card, even though my checks were cashed. Can anyone help me figure this out?! To make things worse, I informed my caregiver, and he no longer feels comfortable helping me out until we have this straightened out, so I am stuck needing the medication and no way to know if I am legally aloud to get it? Or if I am still approved? I have no idea what's going on! Someone help!! Thank-you so much



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Not saying you did anything wrong in your phone calls, but a few tips they gave me were: In the message, leave your SSN and say AND spell your name maybe even twice so they are sure to have the info they need to locate your issue. Leave a call back number and email, spell the email for them too.


Best of luck though for you and the others in that boat.

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Oh man...that sounds like a mess. I feel for you.


You need to talk to Mellisa at the MDCH asap. I no longer have her number...sorry. I'm sure someone here does though.



I got the number i used to reach her at, here it is 517-241-4337 I been calling it been getting a voice mail, I get no email responses anymore!


Good Luck!





she helped me out last yr, if you get a new number please share or at least pm it to me. Thanks!

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