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Spread the knowledge. Time for growers to stand up.

This is not about how much you charge your patients, it’s about how you help them and how you may help others. This is not rocket science, but people are very afraid. Can a few of you stand up and ease their anxieties? Anybody can grow what they need and if not, there’s no reason their caregiver can’t do it for them.

What is the usage in ounces that your patients require every month? Don’t forget to include yourself if you’re a patient. A description of your patients medical condition would be great, but not necessary. If you can list the patients medical condition, please list which specific herbal remedy you use for them.

Given your patient count, what grow methods do you use to achieve the required supply? Dirt, hydro, whatever. The more info the better. I currently carry myself and three other patients. Let’s take a look.

Patient 1. Myself. I’m almost 52 and suffer from degenerative joint disease. Much of this is caused by lateral curvature of the spine or scoliosis. I’ve also had a compound fracture of both the tibia and fibula of both legs. Needless to say, having my legs at two different lengths doesn’t help. I’m pretty lucky to be a low maintenance type. I work and go to school. I don’t use prior or during both. An average month is 1 ounce . My choice of medication is any sativa dominate by vaporization or tincture. (Glycerin based Green Dragon).

Patient 2. 53. Degenerative joint disease. Type 2 diabetes. 2 Ounces per month of an indica/sativa mix. Prefers smoking with some use of a vaporizer. Enjoys medibles, but won’t buy them due to unknown content of sugars.

Patient 3. 60. Agent orange and PTSD. Way too many problems to list here. 4 ounces per month. Likes anything he can get his hands on except pure sativa. Too speedy for him. Loves a joint in his hand and loves my vape.

Patient 4. Complete quadriplegic for 10 years. No movement other then neck and head muscles. On a ventilator. Suffers from extreme neuralgia (nerve pain), typical female pains and depression. Due to ventilator, can only use oral medication. Currently on a glycerin based tincture with great results. Likes to keep her mind busy so sativa dominate strains are her friend. The best part is that she has almost totally cut off morphine and other narcotics while at the same time requiring less then 1 ounce of raw material per month. My favorite patient.

Although patient 3 will soon be on his own, I’ll run down what I have done to supply them all to this point.

I run a 12 bucket (5 gallon) rotation of bubble buckets with a harvest every 4 weeks depending on the strain. My flower room (8 buckets) has 2-600 watt lights on a modified 6ft light mover. My vegetation room/ mom room (4 buckets and a couple of trays,) has a stationary 300 watt fixture. My clone area uses 4-20 watt flouros. I use the lucas formula and nothing else. My minimal air requirements are 7 liters per minute per bucket. I have 9 foot ceilings so my girls are about 24 inches when I put them to flower. A very usual production is 11-13ounces every four weeks from four plants. (No overages). I have also done a couple of legal outside grows which needless to say are very productive. It lets me shut down and tune out for a while.

So: 4 patients requiring 8 ounces per month with less than 24 plants. It’s doable with less plants and more light, but this is just to show that anybody who wants to, can.

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