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Another Card Question

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I know you guys don't want another thread on cards but I'm confused and I can't find any information and everyone knows MDCH won't call anyone back even after the dozen voicemails I have left. Anyways back in august I sent in 3 forms for patients changing a CG for one patient to myself as well as signing on 2 more patients to myself, 2 of the patients already had plastic cards in hand but the last patient was a new application. I have recieved my CG card for the new application and that was about 2 weeks ago, but I have still yet to recieve the cards from the change forms even tho the checks were all cashed on the same day. Does anyone know if change forms and new applications go into a different processing system or should I be concearned? I'm not too worried becasue its consistant with being change forms but I couldnt find any information on it.



Thanks in advance guys

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just do what you gotta do, dont tell any one your business, dont show any one your g.r, dont tell any one anything, dont tell people you grow at home if you do. im a pt, not a c.g at this time, and i dont even want to see my new c.g's g.r,,,I dont care what he does with his grow as long as i get mine! I think the people underground are safer than the registered, maybe because reg cg's talk to much while under ground growers dont talk to much!


Merry Christmas!




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Anyone know if change forms and new apps are processed differently or should I just keep calling and emailing until I get a response? I'm giving up hope on them calling or emailing me back I've included my patient card number, last 4 of my SSN, DOB, full spelling of my full name, full address, all my patients names so theres no work for them to do besides see where it is or just issue new ones to make me stop bothering them but I hate having plants and just paper saying its ok, the plastic makes it feel more safe.

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