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Merry Christmas Mmj Friends

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A very Merry Christmas to one and all!


Every day is Christmas

When you have the kind of mind,

That stores up all the goodness

And the sweetness it can find.


When you don't need an occasion,

To spread a bit of cheer,

But just keep on a-giving,

Of yourself throughout the year.


Every day is Christmas,

With a gaily wrapped surprise,

When you've learned to see the friendship,

In someone else's eyes.


When you try a little harder,

And complain a little less,

Holding fast to all the fervor

Of the faith that you possess.


Every day is Christmas,

When you've found that you can be

More concerned with words like "you"

And less with "I" and "me".


When it's fun to do a favor,

And to lend a helping a hand,

When being understood means less,

Than when you understand.


Every day is Christmas,

With a beauty deeply cast,

When you find it doesn't matter,

If you're first or if you're last.


When you can face your conscience,

And be glad of what you are,

Then every day is Christmas,

With a stable and a star.

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