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Too Many Of The Plants


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</H1><H1 class=posttitle itxtvisited="1">RI medical marijuana patient in drug bust

August 21, 2010 10:30 AM


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A licensed medical marijuana patient in Rhode Island has been arrested for allegedly having too many of the plants.


<BR itxtvisited="1"> <BR itxtvisited="1">Louis Mageira was arrested Thursday by a State Police SWAT team carrying out a search warrant. Authorities say he was growing 20 marijuana plants in his Scituate home even though licensed medical users are only permitted 12.<BR itxtvisited="1"> <BR itxtvisited="1">State Police say they began investigating Mageira last year after he allegedly discussed dealing drugs with an undercover trooper. Police say state privacy policy did not allow the health department to tell investigators then if Mageira was licensed to grow marijuana.<BR itxtvisited="1"> <BR itxtvisited="1">He was arraigned in Providence District Court on drug charges and released on personal recognizance.<BR itxtvisited="1"> <BR itxtvisited="1">It was not immediately clear if he had a lawyer, and no telephone listing could be found for him.






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