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I was thinking.. Yea, I know - God help us all!


But really.. I was! And rain is a great way to get free water for every garden! That would have to wait for warmer weather though. So I melted some snow to test the pH and it comes out around 5.5

I thought maybe use a bucket under the gutter drains to collect what comes down and use a cone shaped filter to keep debris out.. But debris wouldn't be the only contaminates.. Birds poop everywhere! Especially roof tops! It would definately get into the mix!


Main thing is, how much damage could it cause?

Obviously the most extreme case would be loss of life.


Anyone tried this? Free water with a perfect pH would be nice to have!

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I wondered about this before and then did some research and found that snow's pH won't necessarily be the same from one storm to the next.

Yea, I've seen a little change from snow, but I live in the country and almost everything that falls from the sky here is within a few tenths of 7. And the stuff about bird crap being dangerous, I guess those who use chicken manure are all wrong. LOL.

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