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The Mos Cutty Project

Guest MosCutty

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Guest MosCutty

Greetings all

I’m Mos Cutty a card carrying Medical MJ Patient/Caregiver. My journey with MJ like most began many trips around the sun ago. From first sight of this healing herb flowering I was hooked. Since then she has been apart of my life healing my body and mind.


I have decided to present the starts to my perpetual journal here at the 3MA as a means of sharing with the community. Hopefully I can share information and gain some along the way.


I do not proclaim to be an “expert” grower, however I do feel after mean years of becoming acclimated to the ways of MJ I do have a deep understanding of how this plant works. I believe you must stay learned and continue educating yourself as needed.


I’d also like to have a happiness policy if you decide to join in:

  • It’s all about respect please respect the opinions given even if you disagree.
  • This is not a tutorial; my intent is only to share a project that I am working on.
  • I have a very busy life, so I will try to keep updated with pics, but sometimes duty may call.
  • All approaches and techniques are those that work for me and may not be for everyone.
  • Feel free to post pics and links that are on topic.
  • Music is a must and may cause going off topic.
  • Other then that let’s have fun!

The Project:

30-day build-out clone to flower and beyond!




1st run

Dna Genetics: Lemon Skunk

Pre -98 Bubba x OG Kush Hybrid

Swampy’s Free Leonard (for all the OG’s out there!)

2nd Run

Dna Genetics, Lemon Skunk

TGA Subcool Deep Purple Courtesy of our friends at BloominBasements LLC

And we’ll dig into the Cut Vault and give something from the SFV a spin.


The Setup

This is a winter test grow for me, after many years of Organic soil production I have decided to add a hydro grow so I’m building rooms for a setup.

I decided to go with RDWC which is Recirculating Deep Water Culture for those who are not familiar.




Cloning will take place in "The Sweet Spot." It’s the place where clones root in 5 days with 100% success. Done up DIY Aero Style.


Veg room 4 x 5

DIY Sub-Current Culture 6 unit w/ four hole inserts.

Lights will be some T5’s don’t know how many yet. Probably just a 6 bank to start.


Flowering Room 12 x 14

Will have as much as I can squeeze in there!

With and assortment of lights and gadgets.




RO water

General Hydroponics Flora Nova Series for base

And a few test amendments.

In the case of running two systems in flowering we’ll try something else side by side. :thumbsu:




Big shout outs to: High-Tech Desi, Dr. Tarzan, Subcool and Dna Genetics for awesome gear!

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Guest MosCutty


The systems will be a Sub-Current Culture, DIY based on the Under Current by Current Culture.

I discovered them not too long ago and fell in love with the design, and have seen the results!



If you have not seen them here is a video:


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Guest MosCutty

One more individual human on board here MosCutty, Sir! WELCOME, nice to meet you, and thank you for sharing.myspaceGREETING_REALLYsmall.jpg



Thanks for the Warm Welcome it should be fun! :D

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Guest MosCutty

Starting a project like this takes lots of organization. Lots of gear will be needed and I won’t have the benefit of an out of the box system. I will be starting with an empty room and some moms.


The first step is to figure out a budget in this case I have a fair one ( my wife is being kind) but I still need to be careful!

I have decided that I want enough parts to build at least 3 sub-current systems ranging from 12 bucket, 8 buckets, 6 or a combination allow for the most flexibility.


These will not all fit in the rooms but I’d rather order more then less.


There is lots of info on DIY UC systems online on any major forum.


A basic parts list for the system:

Square 8 gallon buckets (lid optional)

2 2”uniseals per bucket

Mag Drive Pump

Pond Master Pumps

Air stones

Float valve

A few ¾” uniseals for tricking things out

A few ½” just for some ideas

Hell a gang of uniseals because there cool!

And lots of 2” and ¾” PVC

A big run to home creep’o, Lowe's and Menards. (Note: don't forget 10% coupon found in PO Moving guide) :rolleyes:

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interesting comment, one of few I've seen re cloning roots in 5 days 100% of time. Sweet Spot Root Zone? Yes, yes. In days long past when multi-bucky areo cloners weren't invented, and only northern lights had been certified eternal Cup material, my contract called for 800 per week every 7 days and gnarly roots busted forth on four from 1 x 1's for 9 years all on my ebb and flow, razors and sweat. U tickle the good memories but one thing you perform I cannot do, then or now; stand on my head. However I'm willing to watch you. Thanks for the view inside your project.

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Guest MosCutty

^^^ i have been looking for parts to make an undercurrent system for months...cant find the right buckets.....please keep me updated...If you are successful in building this, I would love to copy your design....


BubbleBerry, Thanks for Joining in as I said many DIY around the net, I'll provide one here for you:



I use some of the same sources this guy mentions with a few different ones based on geography pm me if you need more info.


All the gear can be found but it's not that much cheaper then buying there product. The more you build the cheaper it gets if that makes sense.


Pic Book,


Right on, you are right cloning is an art form, I admire those with the skills to pull it off on a grand scale.

I can only stand on my head in my mind. :))

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Guest MosCutty

Okay time to get into some building. I am not an expert carpenter by any means however if I needed shelter I think I’d be okay. The rooms will be built for quick take down. This will not be a permanent site for this grow, so the frame out will be quick.

I’ll be using lumber from another site so I’m sure there will be a little rigging and weird cuts. So you experts ignore my building techniques. LOL


“ I manage to do things just poorly enough that their right.” Ron Nagle



You need the right tools for the job.



Love this baby!


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Guest MosCutty

Hello Mos Cutty!


You've got another late straggler.....


I'm looking forward to following along!


Right on Royal Smoke, glad to have you aboard!


Beans, nice to have you as well.

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Guest MosCutty

Thanks willy for joining in. I don't know how much wisdom I'll add, maybe some will learn from my mistakes. LOL


Starting frame out, enjoying using my new nail guns, hoping wife doesn't find receipts.



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Guest MosCutty

Okay since timing is of the essence it's probably smart to start the cuts. This will do a few things; force me to finish the veg-room in 10 days so they can move in. And also give me a chance to tinker with my cloning setup and try some test with "dipping" starter gels as well as water based cut starters.


First run will use Power Cloner with RO water

I'll also dip a few in Root tech, olivia's and whatever else I have laying around.

Temp will be kept at 74 degrees



First Row is Pre-98 Bubba x OG Kush

Second Row is DNA Lemon Skunk

Third Row is Skunk and Swampy

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