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Patient In Need Of Caregiver


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I'm in need of a cg to do me 1 oz free a month and any extra after that would be $200 if anyone has good deals for me let me know


I'm not sure I follow the calculus you're proposing ... you want someone to give you a free Oz of top quality weed every month for the honor of being your designated grower? And the 2nd oz., only within that month, is to be sold about less than half of going dispensary rates ...


Is this a typical deal in the CG/patient relationship world? I'd be surprised ... but I don't know for sure.

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Once I start it won't be my deal,, I am sure my patients will get plenty free but I am not telling them any amount guaranteed ;)


At my prices, I usually don't give it away for free to my Patient. I will roll the first one or two, if we medicate together, but that's about it.


When the electricity, nutes, bulbs, Grodan, R/O water filters, and soil are free, I'll change my opinion on that.



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Don't expect "FREE" OZ. from the ZLI... Although I am kind at times.


The ZLI wants to offer excellent meds--- Grown with skill & T.L.C.


A consistent, quality program takes some $$$ & time.


PM if your interested, I am in S.E. MI---- Except AGAIN--- I don't do the expected FREE OZ.


Those who offer this "FREE" oz per month... I hope you can keep it up..... But I have my LONG TERM doubts.




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I would not consider myself a clown just someone that is nice and if I can grow more than is needed and my bills are paid I may just pay it forward to my patients. I see nothing wrong with that. Dhargerman you probably went to one of those classes claiming you will make 100K a year LOL

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